Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Meow! Roar!

I love getting post! Now that I have a full-time job, it's a good job that I'm not that bothered about waiting a little while to get things that I've ordered, the last two Saturday mornings have seen me visiting the local delivery office. It's so nice to get post when it's something you really like though, sometimes it feels like receiving gifts.

Last weekend's delivery was particularly good and it's been a little while since I've done a blog like this so I figured I'd share with you what I got. Although I'm pretty pleased with these 'gifts to myself', I'm really making a conscious effort to be good with my spending and it's been working out okay so far. It might be because I've been 'doing more' (and my dumb car) but I've been trying to work out how things seem to be harder now than they were when I was working at the cinema and it kind of has me stumped.

First up is this cute tote and purse set. I have reading blogs to thank for this one as after seeing the little one on Wish Wish Wish, I got a major case of cat-bag envy feels. As you can imagine I was only too delighted when I saw the set on ASOS Marketplace came with a large white cat tote too - had to have! This is definitely one of those times where it was worth looking up on eBay as I found this for nearly £10 less from this seller. I'm really glad I got it for the the cheaper price, firstly because I could never truly justify over £20 on a tote bag, how ever cute and secondly because although they're super cute they're pretty cheap-feeling and arrived really creased.

I can't wait to use them but I'm not risking it until the sun is properly out. I'm a little undecided over what to use the smaller bag for as I'm an 'everything needs to go in one bag' kind of girl and I could just about get my purse in it. I'm thinking about using it as a make up bag as my current one is a little tired but we'll see, that grumpy face is too good to waste!

My real-life funny white cat

To celebrate the launch of their brand new website, the lovely Designosaur were offering great discounts on some of their necklaces, another offer too good to pass up given that I've been coveting their dinosaur necklaces since spotting them in Porta last year. I've been admiring their pieces on their Etsy page for ages, but I have to say their new shop looks fab and I'm looking forward to seeing even more from them.

They're already stocking in a few shops in Brighton and London and even The Natural History Museum (one of my favourite places in the whole of London). They've just announced their awesome lucky dip boxes which promises higher value than the retail price you pay and is guaranteed to include dinosaur EVERYTHING!

This might be my new favourite necklace, I was worried when I first looked at it that it would be a little short but it's perfect and goes really well with collared things. Triceratops are my favourite dinosaurs too - then Brachiosauruses because their name is fun to say.

Because of the new shop, I also got this neat ring as a free gift. Moon won't be pleased because I always pick kind of stabby rings, but this one is so cool, I think it's worth it.

Already pride of place on my necklace rack.

The last bit of lovely post wasn't for me, but I thought I'd include it because it's pretty cool. As I mentioned, Moon's Dad did a sneaky move to Northern Ireland over the Easter weekend and we're visiting him over the May Bank Holiday. As a moving in gift I found this British Railway poster for the town he's moved to online, I really like the design of these posters and I've seen them around for various places. As it's a new home, I figured Moon's Dad would like some art and we were pleased to confirm with him over E-mail that he really likes this and actually bought one for Moon's Nana while wanting one for himself anyway. We're hoping to pop it in a nice frame for him but as we're flying this time, it's probably a better idea to wait until we drive and take the ferry.

Travel Posters Online has a great selection of posters from all over, if they weren't so huge I'd buy one for everyone I know who lives in each different place. I love the nostalgic feel and I sure hope Portrush is as pretty as it looks in the picture. Despite going to Ireland a lot when I was younger, it was usually Belfast when we were in Northern Ireland because that's where most of my family was so I'm getting more excited by the day.

Have you received any nice post lately? Do you like unwrapping things you've bought online like they're presents too?


  1. I really love that poster :) I managed to pick up a couple of postcards in that style when I went the the Railway Museum in York with my parents. It felt like such a school trip, haha! The gift shop was definitely the best part :)

    Glad Moon's dad liked it :) x

    1. I'd love to find one for Newbury, because they have that style in the station but all I could find were Irish and West Country ones :(
      A trip to the Railway Museum sounds like fun, I love museums :)

  2. Love the super cute cat bags and Designosaur are amazing! x

  3. THAT DINOSAUR NECKLACE! I do love good dinosaur things! I received an awesome triceratops brooch in the post recently actually!


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