Sunday, 1 November 2015

Oh Hey, Stanley.

So, one of my biggest regrets from our holiday to Hong Kong was not being able to get out to the seaside. It wasn't really our fault, it was mainly due to the last few days of the trip being awful.

Sadly, Hong Kong's blue flag beaches remain elusive to me, that said, we did make it out to Stanley.

Never in my life have a seen a dog in shoes, other than in this great video, obviously, I thought they were a joke...

There are Goods of Desires all over Hong Kong but of course I had to stop in each one we encountered. They have so much nice stuff and do so many great collabs, it was hard not to come away with something every time.

I would argue that Stanley is one of the most westernised parts of Hong Kong, at least of everywhere I've ever visited. A lot of ex-pats live there and there are quite a few Brits-abroad-style pubs. We did get it on a cloudy day so I probably would have had more fun if the sun was shining but there are some great shops there and we had some amazing food at Xia Fei Shanghainese, even if it was served with a slight snarl, rather than a smile.

The market in Stanley is must-go but due to its windy, enclosed paths, it can all become a bit samey and it's not too dissimilar to the kinds of things you can pick up in Mong Kok.

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