Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Here are a few snaps from a few weeks ago, all phone photos, sorry not sorry.


From an insane 'garden centre' near our new house in Bicester.

My selfie stick gets its first proper outing that isn't just me showing people that I have a selfie stick, not bad.


Accidental food-overdose at Nelson's Diner

I think for next year I'll work towards staying away from a late-winter slump - a Lumie alarm clock is high on my wishlist (I will also need some kind of bedside table at some point... and a bed).

Work has been busy lately and I've been sleepy but I've also been so lazy and that's not cool. I think with the moving house thing being at a complete standstill I'm a little reluctant to 'do' anything when eventually I'll have to spend money elsewhere, even if it's not right now... also, not all that much I do is 'blogworthy', do people even still say that?

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