Friday, 4 May 2012

April Glossybox

This month's Glossybox was a pleasant surprise, although perhaps slightly later than I would have liked, I'm really impressed with nearly all the products I got this month. I've also given them a slightly fairer trial than I have for previous Glossyboxes.

So, this month's Glossybox theme was 'organic and natural', something that I personally don't really take into much consideration when purchasing beauty products. I'm not sure why, I'm just usually conscientious about price, smell and what it does, which is why Glossybox is so perfect for me as it means I get to try out things that I wouldn't usually. This month, basically all the products were full-size, so although they weren't quite in the same price vein as last month's luxury Harrod's box, their size meant that once again, Glossybox was good value for money.

As a major sucker for packaging and branding, I loved the texture and look of this month's box, which really fitted into the eco feel and would double-up as a super-cute giftbox.

Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum, Caudalie
I really liked this product, and haven't used anything like it before. For a sample-size I also think it's gone pretty far and I have enough to last at least two more uses after using it throughout this week. It smells really nice, which as I said is a plus for me, but I also feel like it may have made a slight difference to my skin or at the very least made my moisturiser go a lot further. It's very hard to judge because using this fell on a week that I'd just changed my skincare routine. I really liked this product and despite being a 'thirst-quencher', I've found my skin to be less oily than usual.

Certified Organic Eyeliner in 07 Graphite, INIKA Cosmetics
I don't use pencil eyeliner that often anymore, but I have to give this one major props. Firstly, it's the first eyeliner in ages that I've used which hasn't smudged after a few hours wear. It's not the most interesting colours compared to those I've seen on other reviews, but it's very wearable, and I've never even thought about a grey eyeliner before. With a thicker application the colour is almost black, but it still has a silvery-blueish tint, which is a nice touch. The fact that it's organic is good but having nothing to compare it to as to whether that is why it's so good I can't say that should be it's biggest plus. Priced at £11.75 it's a lot more than I would usually spend on this kind of product, so I'm very pleased that it was the full-sized version in this month's box

Sandalwood Natural Body Wash, Ayuuri
Another full-sized product and again with the shower gel. Having received such a surplus amount at Christmas from relatives, it feels like I'll never have to actually buy shower gel again! So, this is a lovely product, I adore the smell and the benefits that come with it; Vitamin E and oils of Sandalwood - are great. On first use I didn't even really have to moisturise afterwards.

100% Organic Lip Balm in Rambling Rose, Figs & Rouge
Three out of five products this month were full-size, so that's pretty awesome. I loved the texture of this lip balm, it's unlike any I've used before. It begins with a grainy feeling on application with then smooths and leaves lips feeling fully nourished (and it really does feel like that!). The major downfall with this product for me was the taste, it's not as though I go around eating lip balm but even when drinking water, I just got a huge intake of rose which was incredibly unpleasant. Rose is probably one of my least-favourite flavours, fine to smell, but unpleasant to ingest. So sadly this will be getting minimal use purely for that, although I'll definitely turn to it if my lips are particularly dry.

Perfume, Kai
I thought the sample applicator for this product was pretty measly, although overall I didn't really like the smell of the perfume anyway, it was a bit too floral and sweet for my taste.

I think April's Glossybox offering was pretty good, although my dislike for the lip balm and perfume were down to my opinions on taste/smell, each product had it's pluses... apart from maybe the perfume. The organic theme was a great way to kick off spring, hopefully we'll actually be able to see some more springtime weather this month, I think England could do with some sunshine.

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