Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday Tabs #16

I've been quite anxious today, generally I feel anxious all the time anyway but today it has been particularly noticeable. Despite the tree-stealing builder's amazing ability to break both my Internet and phone line for most of today, I have made a lot of progress in my job hunt. I have some Visual Merchandising work lined up for next week, and an interview tomorrow. I am incredibly annoyed at today's first rejection though, down to not driving, again despite having 'the perfect CV', why even say that? I', trying so hard to not seem embittered, but sometimes recruitment agents can be jerks. Funnily enough both the roles I've just mentioned are off my own steam, despite my signing up with more recruitment agencies than I have fingers.

I'm still feeling pretty chilled out thanks to the bank holiday weekend. I also feel great about how much awesome food I've eaten in the last few days, but like I said, I'm also a bit nervous about my life in general too. Anyway, it's time for a de-clutter and I'm bored of this kind of chit-chat.

'Today's Levitation - 06/09/2011'

Your Eyes Lie All Cat T-shirt, £30, ASOS
Apologies in advance for the man t-shirt love this week, but why are they getting all the nice things? I know for a fact that Moon would never wear either of the items of clothing I've shown here, and they're far better suited to me. Damn you clothes fast, and damn you cool man clothes. This t-shirt is a bit pricey for what it is but I'm hoping it comes up when ASOS has one of their amazing sales/when my clothes fast can finally be over.

(via 9GAG)
With How I Met Your Mother being one of my favourite shows, I was really surpriesed to see Cobie Smulders step up to the plate in The Avengers when I saw it last week (how good is it?! srsly!), needless to say, afterwards, Tumblr was pretty great at providing the in-joke lulz.

Blue Car Print Shirt, £25, River Island
Reminds me of the Prada-inspired Primark skirt I was lusting after a few weeks ago, I think this is pretty purse-friendly of River Island too.

All Joy
Buddha Butter Dish, £12
Mr Food Face, £12
Glass Bird-print Hood, £7
I can't believe what an affordable goldmine Joy is, so many pretty things. ♥

Staffordshire Dog Brooch Set, $35, Gemma Correll for Made By White

Link Love:
  • Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary — It's not been updated in a while but I love this adorable online diary of Japanese lady, Natsumi Hayashi. So many photos of her levitating, such a simple, consistant theme that it really works.
  • Food Colouring Icing Chart — Amazing chart showing how to make a huge range of beautiful colours for your icing using just yellow, red, blue and green.
  • Colour-blind test nail art — I wish I had both the range of colours and patience to do this. It's beautiful, and a scary reminder that I should think about getting my eyes tested...

  • Definitely felt like there was more going on this week than usual, but I guess I was wrong.

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