Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilation, etc.

I figured that now was as good a time as any to do a post, you know, in between taking the cat to the vet, showering, doing laundry and taking myself off to register with a doctor, all before a 1-9pm stint at work. Phew!

Despite it being cut short by having to get back to work yesterday, I had a pretty great Bank Holiday Weekend. Perhaps it would have been nice to have my own Jubilee celebrations, but just from wandering around, I was was able to take in enough second-hand celebration from elsewhere. After leaving Little Doll with my Gran on Friday night, we were up early on Saturday morning to head down to Sidmouth to stay with Moon's Gran. I usually kind of like it down there because it's so peaceful and away from 'it all' and although the weather wasn't brilliant and it took us a while to get there, it was all worth it.

After lunch, and getting settled, we had a wander around Sidmouth, which hasn't changed much since I visited it briefly last year, although there has been an increase of reasonably-priced gift shops. I picked up a few nice things and wish I could have bought a whole lot more. I was rocking the standard 'long car journey hair' when we popped in to The Mocha for a coffee. Despite the effort it took to get there, we actually ended up slumped in front of Casualty and asleep before midnight, terrible for a pair of early-twenty-somethings.

This used to be one of those weird nautical-themed shops but now it's looking pretty trendy.

Don't let the face fool you, I was in love with The Mocha's makeover and their choice of statement teal walls. ♥

I definitely think it would be better if more places had flowers up and down their high-streets.

We were up early again to go over the Exeter, one of my favourite UK cities. I sure hope my sister is accepted at university there so I can go there more often. I even found a couple of hidden treasures that I'd love to check out again. Of course, everything was Jubilee-themed, but I was really impressed with the window displays of the shops, from independent up to Topshop, everything looked so nice - it also probably helped that we managed to see tiny bit of sun.

One of my favourite finds, was a shop called, Mount's Bay Trading Co.. The interiors right down to the stock, everything was just lovely, I didn't want to leave. They sell a variety of vintage and contemporary homewares and clothing and all at a reasonable price. I was left a bit spoilt for choice so, being me, left empty-handed, which I'm sad about because everything was so beautiful, I wish I'd had the nerve to take a few more snaps inside.

Urban Outfitters, Exeter.

Once we got back from Exeter, it was time to head out for a walk, we even stumbled upon Sidmouth's street party. I would have been in my element shooting this properly but I only grabbed a few snaps, it looked like such fun.

I fall more in love with King Charles spaniels every time I see one.

Moon was convinced that this driftwood would look neat in our garden, which to be fair, it would have. Thank God he forgot about the idea of driving down to pick it up because along with everything his dad made us take back to Newbury, we were only just able to fit ourselves in the car.

Jacob's Ladder, Sidmouth.

Jacket: New Look
Dress: Primark
Belt: eBay
Leggings: Asda
Shoes: New Look

Moon took this and he's very happy with it.

We were much more adventurous on Sunday night and took ourselves to a pub on the seafront. It wasn't that nice but it was good to have a chat and a few drinks, plus we made friends with this cutie.

We rounded up our Bank Holiday trip with a detour to Portsmouth, as I said yesterday, to see Moon's brother and his girlfriend, as well as have some nomz at The Belle Isle and check out Pie & Vinyl.

I did a stand-up job as map reader, no one got lost, minus a scary single-laned short cut down a windy country road, but that wasn't really my fault.

Lyme Regis looks like the nicest town, I'd love to have a proper look around next time I'm round that way.

I have so much love for The Belle Isle in Southsea, the food is amazing, the atmosphere is great, what more could you ask for?

This weekend has not been kind to my waistline...

Pie & Vinyl, Castle Road, Southsea.

Pie & Vinyl is such a good, but unusual concept for a shop. It has a vintage-feel, not just because half of it's main stock is in records, but other details within the interior, I like it. It was a bit warm though, apparently due to the oven, but I bet it will be super-cosy when autumn rolls around.

I expect Pie & Vinyl to receive a lot of attention, in fact, you can check out Charlotte's post here, from when she popped in for pie and a coffee.

I suppose that's it, I wanted to be quite photo-heavy. After all that activity, we got home and Moon decided to do this to the front room...
...and it's still kind of a mess now.
It was a nice way to spend the weekend, I still don't feel completely settled down because we almost haven't had a free weekend since we moved. Hopefully this will mark a peak at which we'll start to calm down and start relaxing properly. I hope you had a fabulous Jubilee weekend and, if you're back to work, that you're not too sad about it.

TL;DR: Basically, I spent my weekend in Devon and it was nice.

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