Monday, 11 June 2012

No Rest.

I can't believe it's been a week since I was in Portsmouth on my way back from Devon. I've only had one day off since then and most of the week has kind of blended together, especially since I've mainly been doing evenings. Anyway, I figured that today was as good a milestone as any to share my Devon (ish) buys with you, mainly because it feels like the next post I have lined up wouldn't make as much sense without it.

Cat brooch, £3.95, Humbug Gifts
This is one of a selection of adorable plastic brooches offered by Sidmouth-based gift shop, 'Humbug'. I must say that the range of items available is very wide and all at such a reasonable price, I couldn't help picking up a few things.

Ladybird Postcard set (framed), £12.99, Humbug Gifts
I was able to choose from a huge box of Ladybird book postcards, and Humbug kindly framed it for me. I was mainly after the Beaky print, but I don't think it would have looked quite the same on it's own as it's so small, I remembered the story instantly and Ladybird will always been deeply rooted in my childhood. This triptych now sits in the front room, but I don't want to show you because it's still a mess thanks to Moon.

W.C sign, £3.50, Humbug Gifts
Now pinned to our bathroom door. ♥

This is a side-note, but I thought that Humbug's branding was particularly effective, yet simple. It's given us some ideas for something we're working on.

Rob Ryan Card, £2.99, Moko
I picked this up in a little gift shop in Exeter. It now sits next to my limited edition Rob Ryan print in the bathroom. I like it because it fits in with the blue colour scheme, as well as reminding me of the dreamy bells plates that I've been lusting over.

Here's a close-up of the limited edition Rob Ryan screen print I received with the second issue It's Nice That, it's one of my favourite things I own.

Pie & Vinyl poster, £5, Pie & Vinyl
Last weekend was definitely a big one for picking up art for our home. This is a limited edition print (42/50) and was the last one of the bunch.

I hope you've started the week on a nice note, even if it is tipping it down where you are as well.

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