Monday, 27 October 2014

#LushChristmas in Reading.

I was so excited to receive an invite to Lush Reading's 'Lush Christmas' event last Wednesday.

Showcasing a preview of a mixture of both Halloween and Christmas products, it was a kind of surreal evening sat around a table in Lush Reading's party room (which displays some perfect visual merchandising) smelling all the delights that Lush has to offer this season.

An ingenious way of tricking bath bombs into thinking they're in a real bath.

I was kind of glad to have a Halloween preview as well as it fits in well with the changing of the season and as an event that hasn't arrived yet, it seemed kind of neglectful to skip ahead to Christmas already. That said, I really liked all the Christmas products on offer and maybe it was the glitter but it was difficult to not come away feeling festive and full to the brim with gift ideas.

So, this mushroom is the size of a small lamp and is all soap. ALL SOAP.
It also has real mushrooms in it, which is kind of neat.

We got to make two bath bombs, mine didn't come out quite so perfect but I think that makes it even better.

The best thing about the evening was the Lush girls hosting it, they were so knowledgeable and it was great to meet people who are so passionate about their job, right down to the quality of the products and how ethical they are. They even tipped us off about what products are mood lifters and that bath bombs make great deodorisers.

I came home covered in glitter, I like glittery things, but glittery hands might be up there with sticky fingers and things I will go out of my way to avoid.

Bearing in mind what I said above, Holly Golightly (along with Golden Wonder) was my favourite, with it's bright-green insides and glittery outside, I feel like it really would be perfect for getting ready for Christmas day.

That colour.

Great looking bath bomb, not a great looking Santa.

We had a competition to build our own snowmen out of fun, sadly I don't think ours will be winning any beauty contests, not when there are Olafs around anyway.

Makes me wish I had a see-through bath.

After such a lengthy demonstration, some delicious sparkling apple fizz and a selection of biscuits, Lush Reading spoilt us further with a generous goodie bag as we left. As somebody who doesn't really have that many baths (I always treat myself to a Lush bath bomb when I do though), after drawing myself (I think) my first bath this year on Saturday, I might be converted, at least for some more than occasional R+R from now on.

Thank you, Lush Reading, I think I needed that.

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