Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Kew Christmas.

I know we're almost a week in January and we're all (at least, I am) pretty Christmas'd out until the end of 2015 but I figured I just had to get this out at least by epiphany, you can blame a surprise back-to-work cold!

The weekend before last (although do days of the week really exist between Christmas and New Year?), Lucy treated my Gran, my Mum and I to a Christmas at Kew. A twinkling, magical walk around the Kew Gardens grounds, there was a chance to toast marshmallows, watch fire jugglers and see some really interesting light sculptures and shows.

The way they used light with the trees and buildings, particularly the Palm House, was really something, it reminded me of Disneyland!

None of us were sure what to expect but it was a great way to round off Christmas before focussing more on the New Year.

There were a few fire dancers and demonstrations, as well as a funfair, but it was one of the coldest nights of this mild winter so we didn't stick around to watch too much.

Not just any marshmallows... I went for passionfruit + ginger, nice but a little too sweet to be a smore on the fire.


LED cherry blossom LED trees were the bane of my life for such a long time at my old job, nice to see them actually being used properly!

Christmas at Kew finished a few days ago but that's kind of a good thing, as much as I love Christmas, prolonging it is not the one. I was glad to go though and it was a really nice gift, made better by the fact my mum could join us. I really hope to visit Kew Gardens again in the summertime as it's so long since I last went and it's such a nice day out.

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