Friday, 9 January 2015

Worst Try at January, Ever.

Let's try that one again, shall we?

After being completely bowled over by a virus for almost all of this week, my first week in January hasn't exactly allowed me to start 2015 as I mean to go on.
It makes perfect sense now why I didn't feel like drinking much at our New Year's party and why I'd been so lazy in the lead up to feeling actually lousy last weekend.

So, I'm back to normal now and ready to start my year properly - I might get round to that 'fitness regime' I've been putting off and I definitely want to start taking more photographs again, feels like I haven't picked up my camera since just after Christmas - which I guess is true.

I'm hoping that nothing else is going to put me off my stride, or make me such a zombie that I leave my car window open on a rainy night - all night - again(!)

Happy almost second week of 2015! I hope your year is off to a slightly more productive start.

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