Friday, 24 April 2015

Home by Athens.



We got there! The little 3-bed-semi-in-Bicester is ours

This week has been a complete roller coaster of all emotions, from happiness and excitement to grief and irritability and tomorrow I have to put my 'big girl' pants on all over again and head off to Athens for my first ever 'business trip'. Isn't that exciting?

I'm not even really sure where my mind is right now, but I'm sure this evening will a combination of packing for Athens, packing for moving and trying to fit in cooking dinner and drinking a glass of wine (or two).

Our front room currently looks a little like part of a hoarder's house and I'm sure I'm going to need the longest nap once this whole ordeal is over.

Currently, I'm taking advice from the infographic below but slowly beginning to accept that I'll probably have to face a little more decluttering than I wanted to in my future temporary wardrobeless life. I can't wait for IKEA.

[Boxes2Move/Bring Digital]

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