Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A 'Long' Welsh Goodbye.

...but just hopefully, 'Auf Wiedersehen'.

Seriously, seriously hoping to be a little more regular now. I've finally invested in a brand new laptop so it won't take me 10 million years to get anything done any more. Seriously, just editing a few of my holiday photos over the weekend took less than an hour from import to upload, so much better than the close to 3 hours it had been taking in recent months. I'm not trying to make excuses for my absence but I think it's pretty well justified, doing everything on that old thing was such a chore. With that being said, for 7 years and the amount of hard work it's been through, from CVs to final projects, my old Macbook didn't have too bad an innings.

These are some photos from the beginning of the month, when I said 'g'day, mate' to one of my closest friends as he totters over to the other side of the world with his girlfriend for the foreseeable.

I'm actually a little annoyed with myself as I somehow managed to delete the Friday evening up to the middle of Saturday from my camera. I've tried recovering it but unfortunately it hasn't worked. Still, I'm really pleased with the photos I did take. I also took some video so I'm hoping it will still work even with the missing files. These things happen though, I guess, and it doesn't take away from the fact it was a really nice weekend.

This was actually my first time 'properly' crabbing, at the ripe old age of 26. It's kind of gross how much these guys love bacon, understandable though.

When we let all the crabs go off the jetty, it reminded me of this scene from Ponyo.

As Long's girlfriend's family have a cottage up in Pembrokeshire, she suggested that we all pop up for a mini-break while they get away from their parents for a bit before the big move - they'd both quit their jobs and were splitting their time seeing everyone they needed to while also regressing into a post-Uni slump they wanted to get out of.

I used to go to Wales quite a bit for holidays with my grandparents growing up and like Ireland, it holds a special place in my heart so this weekend only added to that. We were so lucky with the weather and were even able to paddle in the sea.

I saved my first bee with sugar water! He was a big one too so it was extra special. I'd say the key was definitely perseverance, I had to go out every few minutes to push him back on the spoon but soon he was buzzing around happily again.

Catching some sweet air.

The cottage was very secluded so after our monstrous meal of delectable burgers at The Cambrian Inn we were able to really see the stars, including a few shooting ones! I'd really like to give photographing the sky a proper go again soon.

Sums up the weekend perfectly.

So, our group grows a little smaller and we grow up a little more... I was sad to see the pair of them go but I'm also really excited for their adventure, as well as the prospect of a free place to stay in Australia should we fancy it(!)

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