Sunday, 4 October 2015

Yamas, Corfu!

I forgot how much I like video, I think the next few weeks will be focussed on a few projects I completely neglected when I lived in the land of terrible laptops. Moon and I spent the whole evening a couple of nights ago watching some old videos I made, they just feel so much more tangible, I'm excited.

My tan is starting to fade a little now but the scars from my incredible mosquito bites are still holding on. Here are some photographs from an amazing week with my best friends.

View from the kitchen balcony.

We chose Corfu completely at random based on our great Villa Plus holiday last year and where Villa Plus villas were. Corfu was pretty different from my experience of Athens and I could not recommend everything any more, it was great.

We stayed in the small village of San Stefanos, it had completely wound down for the end of season, which made it nice and peaceful, something that became particularly clear when we went to busier parts of the island.

It was just such a nice, relaxing week, I swam in the sea so much and saw more fish than I ever have while doing so. I would actually go as far as to say not only that Corfu is somewhere I'd like to return to but that particular part and even that particular villa!

There were a lot of 'wild' cats around, they were terrible beggars but they were very much up for affection too. We had one that was a nightly visitor. Unfortunately some of them were flea-ridden and a little mangey but overall they seem to be treated pretty well, better than what we saw of the ones in Portugal last year anyway.

Without meaning to sounds like an advert for Villa Plus, it's pretty great that we could do most of our cooking out on a barbecue.

Where the hummingbird moths live.

I came very close to jumping off this when we visited it again when we rented our own boat, but I bottled it due to those who had jumped 'swearing' that it looked much shallower that time around.

I'm really pleased with how some of the underwater photos turned out, despite being very waterproof it does now rest in peace. I really do think it will be worth getting a new one before we head out on our next holiday though.

First live wild starfish!

If you look closely you can just about see the dolphins.

It was kind of difficult to not feel a pang of cat broodiness when I saw cats as little as this one.

Our villa is the one right in the middle.

Trying to snap the lightning from the storm on our last night.

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