Friday, 23 October 2015

Mong Kok Afternoon.

These are from an afternoon wander around Mong Kok after we slept in late. We decided to head to Goldfish Street (Tung Choi Street), it's honestly like nowhere else, they would never have animals for sale in the same way they do here, I'm not saying it's good but it's very Hong Kong, and wild, and interesting, and photogenic.

My mum has since said she doesn't get how they can have so many fish surviving in such small bags, my mum's a goldfish fan so it's certainly not something she would condone but even she is fascinated by it.

Terrapins are available for as little as £1.50, they're great for feng shui and people often put them in the ponds in local parks.

After looking in pretty much all the pet shops on Tung Choi street (the owners are pretty against tourists and photo-taking), we took a short walk to the Yuen Po Bird Garden, another interesting place to take in Hong Kong culture, full of uncles and their birds - as well as everything you'd ever need for a bird.

Just next door to the bird garden are so many beautiful florists, I've never seen so many orchids.

On the subject of goldfish, Moon has wanted one for a while and I've actually just backed the AquaJar on Kickstarter, there are less than 2 weeks to go and I'm feeling pretty excited.

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