Thursday, 15 October 2015


[Oola Blue Fish Dish* c/o JOY]

As time goes on, I'm becoming really aware of lack of room tours and homeware hauls. I just bought a house, it's exciting and it's something to write about, right? Well, yeah, but also, it takes ages to get ready. It still feels like there's always something to do and over half our stuff is still packed up in boxes in our front room - which I guess explains why we have SO MUCH storage space.

I've been watching llymlrs' moving vlogs and even though she's still sitting on the floor, I'm pretty astounded that her new place has come together more so in a few weeks than mine has in months. Comparison is a killer, but I'm working on it.

When we moved, we cleared out a lot, I think it's a good thing but it meant that we spent a lot of time asking ourselves whether the thing destined for home, charity shops or the dump was useful to us. Now we feel very much clutter-free but as as before, I'm still on the lookout for cute homewares to make my new house a home - we've still yet to put all our pictures on the wall!

When I was contacted to do a little chat about Joy the Store, I jumped at the chance. It's one of those quirky 'bit of everything' shops that I really like and would buy everything from if my pockets were deep enough. Full of useful but pretty (and less useful but still pretty) items, it holds the same place in my heart as the wonderful Oliver Bonas.

From pug vases to sweet trinket boxes and a washing up sponge after my own heart, as well as a range of books, mugs and photo frames, there are all sorts of things to choose from. I opted for this beautiful fish dish, knowing that it would match another fish dish I bought a few years ago and that Moon is always pleased to see nautical things.

I like to have various bowls and trays round the house as receptacles for things like keys and money, we have a couple with potpourri in (because my mum gave us the biggest bag of potpourri as a moving-in gift and I actually don't know what to do with it). So bowls are just useful things to have. I'm still undecided about this one because it could work for a fancy serving dish or, as we're using it now, a fruit bowl, or another clutter collector. Whatever form it takes, there's no doubt that it's as useful as it is pretty and I'm pleased to have another sea-themed item in my home.

Joy is a shop I'll always pop into if I see it and I get a feeling that now I know about it, their website will be one I'll visit regularly too – especially because I need to make that Buddha butter dish mine.

*This is a sponsored post: I was sent products by Joy to promote for this post, all opinions are my own.

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