Monday, 19 October 2015

Central Adventure.

Hong Kong already feels like a lifetime ago, this year has swept over me so quickly it's hard to even think about everything that's happened but I thought it would be a shame to have so many photographs from such a great trip and not get around to sharing them with you. At first I put it off because I didn't have time, then it was because my old laptop was too slow, now, I guess I haven't really got an excuse.

Because I have so many pictures, I always had an idea to blend these posts in with other content but when I didn't get around to writing much else, I just put them on the back burner.

These are from a long day in Central, the main part of Hong Kong island. It included a visit to a temple, discovering my new favourite place in Hong Kong, the PMQ, taking in street art and hiking up to the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens before taking it all in again by boat.

[Man Mo Temple, 126 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong]
There are lots of Man Mo Temples across Hong Kong but the one on Hollywood Road is the largest. It houses hundreds of huge incense coils which were great to photograph, we did have to mind the falling ash though!

I love that despite being so dense and urban, there are still nods to Hong Kong's almost-tropical roots and rather than chopping some trees down, they're still there, making themselves known.

I really should be uploading a video, there were so many frogs in the park and they were making the weirdest noise.

We spent longer walking up to it than walking around it and unfortunately, overall I wouldn't rate the park. I mean, it's good because it's free and the foliage is really nice but I have a feeling that charging a small fee for the zoo part might improve the welfare of the animals ever so slightly, because that's just not something that's there at the moment.

I really enjoyed the Star Ferry again, unfortunately the only downside compared with last time was the amount of people on the boat. It was difficult to see the view at times and that did slightly spoil it. Still, the new additions really add to the skyline and it's still something I'd recommend highly to anyone else visiting Hong Kong.

Both sides of Victoria Harbour.

Central is an area that's so hilly that it even has an escalator instead of a regular path just so people can get around. Unfortunately taking advantage of the mid-levels escalator is something we only thought about once we'd made it up to the park, still, at least we can say we did it - even if it will be missing footage on our home movie due to me being so preoccupied with not collapsing into a heap.

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