Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Little Bit of Love.

Just over a week until Valentine's Day! I actually really like it, I agree with those that say it's commercial but I still think it's fun and I kind of enjoy going out and people watching all the couples who genuinely are out for the sake of it rather than because they actually like each other.

Moon and I don't really do much for Valentine's Day other than get each other cards and pop out for a nice meal so I find it a little odd that there are so many Valentine's-themed gifts floating around at the moment. That being said, I'm a sucker for love hearts, commercialised love day or not. So here are my favourite picks of Val Day treats from Etsy, it's been a while since I've done one of these really but what better excuse than when I can make it adhere to a theme?

[Whipped Bakeshop]
How cute is this anatomically correct heart sugar cookie?
Decorative icing is something I wish I was good at, I'm also a huge fan of their pug Valentine's cookies.

[Ladybird Likes]
I've had my eye on a set of Ladybird Likes collar clips for a little while and these heart ones are too cute.
I also love their moon ones but they're not quite lovey dovey enough.

[Shop Miss Ella]
I love big statement acrylic necklaces but have been too covered up in scarves and coats to show any of my collection off.
I love this Peter Pan collar necklace, the stitching detail kills me!

[Back Bay Pottery]
Such adorable little bowls, I could definitely find room in my little flat for these and I love that they're not too obvious too!

[Doux Craft]
I'm hoping that my nails will be long enough by next week to do some cute nail art as it's been quite a while since I last painted my nails. I'm not very trusting of nail stickers, mainly because my nails are kind of small, but these was are almost irresistible I love the colour combination.

[Twin Crafts Knit]
I'm a sucker for silly plushes and this kitty would make a great addition to my slightly embarrassingly large collection.

[MF Jewels]
I've seen a few versions of similar sweaters on the high street and I don't think this something I would actually pick to wear on a Valentine's date, but I do think the heart patch details are cute and easy to get away with every day.

I do love a good pun and I'm finding all these love-based puns a bit much.
[My Zoetrope]

I'm actually secretly a little more excited for Pancake Day, but Valentine's Day is one of my favourites too, even if it's not a holiday at all and my Valentine isn't so secret - speaking of which, I've still not managed to pick up my card for him, oops!


  1. I'm more excited about pancake day too haha- I think I even prefer it to Christmas and my birthday! My boyfriend and I don't really do Valentines- we went away to the Lake District last year, but that was more just because we found a ridiculous deal that was so good it kind of seemed rude not to! I think we're going to watch Die Hard this year, though if he wanted to get me a gift, he could do an awful lot worse than any of these! Lovely post :-) xx

  2. That sugar cookie looks deliciously terrifying ... or terrifyingly delicious.

  3. What a lovely selection and thanks heaps for putting my Collar in!

  4. Oh man, I really want a jumper with heart-shaped elbow patches now!


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