Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Fuck you, Vans.

My feet are so sore, I feel I have to blog about it.

Tonight I am going to try and dress as Yoko Ono, but I'll basically just be wearing normal clothes that just happen to be white. I think it's an easy one to get away with considering that she's oriental and I am half......... it was either her or Björk, I don't really like either choice. I was considering Lovefoxxx but I realised that in order to make that good I'd have to go for a gold onesy, and I don't think I really have the body to pull that off.
It should be good tonight though and at the very least, I'll get a nice photograph of Moon and I in accompanying costumes, he's going as John Lennon, without a wig or beard and with his normal (ginger) hair...

I hope my feet get better, to try and make sure they do, I'm going to spend the rest of the day reading those magazines...
It feels so lame.
I've just been given a second brief for the studio as well, a fashion shoot - I have to email a fashion designer and state claim over one of her collections, we don't have to find a model this time though, which I am really thankful for, hopefully certain people will pull their weight this time round.

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