Sunday, 7 March 2010


In order to avoid doing any project work for the rest of the weekend, today's project was cooking. I'm quite proud of myself and in any case, right at this second there isn't much of a point doing any more of my RDB until I have done my shoot, tomorrow.
So I made Jamie Oliver's Steak, Guiness and Cheese pie - which I'm putting up there as one of my great culinary successes.

And I made some 'Cheeseburger Cupcakes' that I found on I got the recipe from here, they're pretty simple, but I don't actually really want to eat them now...

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I experimented with my flash-cord today to see if I can change the lighting effects for tomorrows shoot with Andy, as I don't really want to lug lots of studio lights home when the only reason I'm doing it at home is because the studio is booked solidly for the next week. I think I could make it look ok, I may take out a tripod.

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