Monday, 26 April 2010


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So, this is the first page, I've decided on Company, as I was going to do Cosmopolitan but it's for a wider age range and Company is more aimed at 18-24, exactly the age group of my models. While they don't do shoots like this all the time, I actually basically saw my article in this months issue - minus the photos, I'm so annoyed because if I use it in research it will look like I've copied them even though I've had this planned since February. I guess I will have to use it anyway.
I think if I keep going I should manage to finish by the end of the week, it wasn't as hard as I thought to edit Sam's face to be less over-exposed, it still is, but it's not so bad, and hopefully it won't be as obvious when printed out either - which I guess is the point.
Will keep posted as I progress, I hope this is ok.

Just printed this out and the original photo might look better; they all look so white, I think I'll need a professional opinion tomorrow.....
This is the original photo:

* Will be using Garamond typeface eventually, only just realised it's Times in the bulk text, dammit, just when I took so long to select the fonts for other areas(!!!)

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