Thursday, 8 November 2012

I Want Another Cat.

True, but not quite yet, although it is definitely what my friends seem to think about me. Here are a few photos from the fireworks display at Newbury Racecourse that we spied on from the garden as I didn't take that many photos throughout the evening in the end.

As I mentioned before, we had our friends down on Saturday night thankfully the fireworks turned out well but I was a little silly and filled them up with snacks a bit before Moon's excellent chilli - which we'll probably be eating for a while (thank goodness for freezers). It was great to have everyone in one place again, and I'm hoping that it won't be so long next time with another meet-up arranged for December.

I've probably said before but Bonfire Night is my absolute favourite, coinciding with New Years Eve, I'm just a huge fan of fireworks. Basically we spent the evening playing a strange but good party game that Moon picked up from a charity shop and good ol' Ring of Fire. Those that weren't there missed out, but I hope you can make it next time.

I made some pumpkin and chilli cupcakes, you know because pumpkins are trendy, but these, despite some people saying otherwise, were rank so I don't think there's much point in sharing the recipe with you this time around.

I don't mean to blow my own trumpet but I thought this was a pretty decent spread. :3

Some nice flares.

Grumpy men at the other end of the garden.

We treated everyone to sparklers, in hindsight we definitely should have got more, sparklers are the most fun.

Chris stuffing his face with Millionaire's Cheesecake after being unable to finish his chilli due to smothering it in (too)hot sauce.

I'm almost certain that I've spent all of this week recovering from the excitement of last weekend, and it's Friday tomorrow! I'm hoping to see more fireworks on Saturday evening and maybe have a nice walk, although I might just need to sleep for the whole weekend as I'm definitely rocking a zombified look currently that's less than visually appealing.

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