Monday, 26 November 2012

November Flavrbox.

I'm not really sure how many more times I can talk about Flavrbox and still sing their praises. They always offer up my kind of food and I'm always happy to eat it, enjoy it, and share it with you. Be sure to check out their website, it's the perfect place to find gifts for any food-loving friend or family member, pretty great with Christmas fast approaching.

[Olive Branch — Cherry Jam]
Jam made with olive oil certainly sounds less than appealing but I'm happy to tell you now that it's absolutely delicious. I will admit to being a little skeptical when I first opened the jar, but it's great on toast, and I'll definitely be using it in cakes and on porridge (Ready Brek because I'm a child) as suggested.

[Pink's — Smoked Tomato Tapenade]
I've never had tapenade before, but I'm definitely a convert, this tasty offering has cashew nuts which provide great texture and parmesan which really brings out the flavour of tomatoes. I've only had it on crusty bread and it was perfect, I'm actually a bit sad that Moon loves it so much too as it means I'll have to share, just like I did with the chilli jam in my first Flavrbox.

[Sundown — Pecans & Almonds]
Personally I wasn't actually a fan of these as I'm a little picky with what nuts I do and don't like and I'm not a big fan of pecans or almonds as it is. I found these a little bitter but when I served them to my guests on bonfire night everyone really liked them so I think it might have just been me.

[Hare's Moor — Rogan Josh Curry Kit]
I must admit I had very little input in the resulting delicious curry that came of this kit, but Moon did say it was a lot of faff compared to the way he usually does it - using paste. It was one of the nicest homemade curries I've had though so I think the extra effort was slightly worth it.

[The Bath Pig — Original Chorizo]
There was chat of sharing this with friends when we had them round for chilli but decided it was far to tasty and kept it to ourselves, we chucked half in a bolognese and it was amazing, we're saving the rest for something special.

As usual, the packaging for each item was impeccable, I think a part of me enjoys that aspect of this subscription box more than the products themselves. The two go really well together in my opinion though and it's a good job I love eating as much as I love good design. Definitely looking forward to their potential Christmas offerings!


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  2. Wow, I would Pi***sed off if I had signed up for £20 a month to receive that. I could literally get everything there from my local store for atleast half price AND not have to wait a damn month to receive it; poor show FlavrBox!!

    Sally x

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for the feedback, but you'll see if you add up the value of the items it'll be worth a minimum of £18 (the value of this box actually comes to £20). On top of this, we pack and send it to you. Discovery is an important part of the process - we look for things that are a little more unusual or less common.

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