Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Norwich Weekender.

Remember when I mentioned that November is a bit of a whirlwind of events? Yep, that.

I'm still really into keeping this space up to date and fit for the purpose of sharing memories, but hobbies and full-time jobs don't necessarily always go hand-in-hand, particularly if you have a house to keep and food shopping and laundry to do on top of that. Being an adult is boring and hard.

Every now and then I tend to get a bit like that but I'm still here lurking. Here are the last few photos from mine and Moon's city break to Norwich a couple of weekends ago.

Norwich is a great city, I was pretty impressed at how much we actually managed to take in given we only really had one day to explore. It's a good for shopping, and I don't mean that in that it has what everywhere else has, it has a really nice mixture of chain and independent shops and there are so many different places to explore. Snooper's Paradise in Brighton might just be trumped by the wonderful Loose's as my new favourite thrift shop of all time.

The Forum had these great pumpkins for Halloween.

Unfortunately we weren't able to go inside Norwich Cathedral as they were holding a communion when we stopped by but we walked all around the pretty grounds to make the most of it.

Such pleasing exteriors.

I saw so many fig trees!

Or apple salt and pepper shakers...

Maud, the Birdcage's resident cat.

I definitely don't think this will be my last intentional trip to Norwich, my main regret is that we didn't get to have a cocktail at The Birdcage as our hotel was pretty far out of the city, so you know, I've got to go back and do that!

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