Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I Love November.

As I've said many, many times before, I love summer. It's not that I hate winter, it certainly has it's good points; Christmas, New Year, central heating and jumpers, but it gets darker earlier and lighter later and I really, really love vitamin D.

And yet with all that said, November is still one of my favourite months. Bonfire Night is one of my favourite nights of the year and I like that November allows for a lead-up to Christmas without as much intensity. Like, you're allowed to start Christmas shopping but you don't have to be angsty about it.

November always feels like a decision-making month and for the last few years it's always been packed with lots of things to do, with this year being no exception as we're pretty much booked up all month!

What I'm Looking Forward to in November:

  • Firework displays of all sizes
  • Planning our annual Christmas get-together with our friends
  • The weather finally making up its mind and knowing I can wrap up without breaking into a sweat
  • Bath Christmas Market
  • Making more soups and stews
  • A gig on a boat in Bristol
  • Frosty mornings
  • Partying up with old friends
  • Making the most of the darker evenings by lighting all the candles
  • Blowing out the cobwebs on weekend walks

What do you like about November? I love a month that showcases the changing of the seasons, and a month with fireworks, obviously.

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