Sunday, 28 December 2014

Borough Market | Merry Foodmas

To get ourselves into the Christmas spirit before the big day and the make the most of my sister being home. We took ourselves up to London. I'd wanted to visit somewhere new (and away from East London, I mean, get it together, Ruth!) and after reading about the delights that Borough Market has in store during the festive season, I knew it would be pretty high on my list.

Love all these different coloured poinsettias, such a shame so many shops decided glitter was the way to go with them this year, they're fine just the way they are!

I've passed Borough Market a few times while up around London Bridge but it's usually closed so it was really nice to see it in full Christmas action. So many cheeses and truffles and breads to choose from, it was just like a fancy food festival - aside from the fact it's actually a lot more affordable and far less pretentious than I thought it would be.

Love a good produce photo opportunity.

Dem meringues.

I managed to get sales'd into two bags of loose tea and some fudge (sea-salt caramel, how could I not?), it was a pretty swell way to start a Christmassy day...

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