Monday, 8 December 2014

Doing Words.

Might not be a surprise given the radio silence, but I've so not been feeling my computer recently.

Sitting on social media all day most days for a job and then coming home and doing it for fun... well, it kind of lost its fun, not completely I'm just not into creating any content. I've been using my computer to watch my American TV shows, do a bit of Christmas shopping price comparison and that's pretty much been it.

I have a bit of a backlog of posts I want to schedule but can't find the motivation to, it will happen, when I get two minutes to not clean the flat, brush the cat or catch up on the latest episode of The Missing - sure, it's a BBC Drama but I'm h-o-o-k-e-d!

So I've been lazy rather than busy but that's okay. I first saw this what feels like ages ago on Chelsea's blog and it feels like as good a filler as any to push me back into this thing.

Making :: Long to-do lists.
Cooking :: Easy things and broccoli.
Drinking :: More merlot, less rosé.
Reading :: 'In Real Life' - Nev Schulman.
Wanting :: This Seasalt parka.
Looking :: Tired with quite fluffy hair.
Playing :: Christmas songs.
Wasting :: Avocados, I don't have enough of a recipe repertoire to make the most of a twin pack.
Deciding :: The best way to be diplomatic about upcoming situations.
Wishing :: I had more lounge time.
Enjoying :: Earlier bedtimes.
Waiting :: For Christmas!
Liking :: Finally actually feeling settled.
Wondering :: How long I can get away with not wrapping the Christmas gifts piling up in our front room.
Loving :: Planning the exciting things 2015 is set to hold.
Considering :: Mainly lunches for the week, but also mortgage advisors and where the best place to move will be.
Watching :: 'The Missing' - Sad to have all caught up and back to being drip-fed for the last two episodes.
Hoping :: That late-November's great news marks a spot of luck.
Marvelling :: At the cat's undying love for boxes.
Needing :: To prioritise.
Smelling :: Of Christmas cranberry moisturiser.
Wearing :: Pyjamas as soon as I get in the house.
Following :: Exposure on Pinterest and getting some srs wanderlust feels.
Noticing :: How much growing up I've done in the last 18 months, when did I become this chill?!
Knowing :: That I shouldn't feel too bad about intoruth not getting as much attention.
Thinking :: Sometimes it's dangerous to be a good judge of character.
Feeling :: Excited that there's only one more weekend until my sister is back from Hong Kong for Christmas!
Admiring :: How on-point everyone's VM becomes at Christmas-time.
Buying :: Christmas gifts, despite it being trickier than ever this year - and cushions for myself because I needed new ones and I survived Christmas shopping on a Sunday.
Getting :: Ill, slowly.
Bookmarking :: Things I might want once the Christmas sale kicks in and this post from Joy the Baker.
Opening :: Gifts I've bought for other people as they arrive through the post.
Giggling :: At mine and my sister's weekly life updates.

There's not a lot going on at the moment but I'll get back to you in a minute...

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