Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tin Hau Festival — Dancing Dragons

On our second morning, thanks to my wonderful cousins and the luck of it being a bank holiday - we popped over to Yau Ma Tei to see the local Tin Hau Festival.

The annual festival is held to honour Tin Hau, Goddess of the Sea and the street festival was brilliant. I was so pleased to be able to showcase that part of my heritage to Moon in all it's lion and dragon dancing glory. My cousin's husband, Boris, being the photography enthusiast he is, threw us right in with the displays as though we were 'official photographers' for the event, it was pretty amazing to get so up close.

Each clan from the area offered up their own dancing style, decoration and costume.

Starting the day with matching mosquito bracelets - I can confirm that they were ineffective.

Baby lion.

There are Tin Hau temples dotted all around Hong Kong, being an island, making sure the sea is on your side is kind of important, the temple sizes range from the huge and ornate to a simple statue and incense holder.

Being the amazing guides that they are, after taking in the local festivities and catching up over some dim sum, my cousins took us to the China border to some of Boris' favourite photography haunts before a tasty Korean hotpot in the evening - probably one of the best meals of our whole holiday! We did briefly get stranded in Castle Peak Bay during a quick typhoon but it was in the Hong Kong McDonald's with the best view so you can't really complain.

China is definitely on my bucket-list, it's strange how it feels so completely foreign to me yet Hong Kong feels part of home.

View from McDonald's.

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