Monday, 26 March 2012

Motel Rocks Nail Art Competition.

Hello, I've made it through to the finalist's stage of the Motel Rocks Nail Art Competition! It's so exciting and would be so awesome if you could head over to the Facebook page and like my entry because it would be great to win.

I promise I'll post something interesting soon, but I've been so busy job hunting, driving and house hunting that I've not really had anything interesting to show you or to talk about. I was down in Newbury this afternoon looking at places, we saw some game changers as we were pretty dead-set on the one we're viewing tomorrow, we've got to act quickly so it's all quite intense.

I picked up some great fabric in Fabric Land today as I plan on making my own version of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess' plush fox as well as some other things. I also bought some paint to revamp an old chest, I'm in a really DIYing/crafty mood, that might give me something fun to show you.

I hope you had as good a start to your week as I have.x

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