Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wake me up.

I've had a nice couple of days, and weirdly both have been spent almost completely on my own. I don't really mind as it's meant that I've been able to get things done. I'm so pleased that I'm basically over this flu, here's hoping it never comes back.

Saturday evening was a fairly non-eventful one, although I did finally get around to making one of my cat-cushions. Hand-sewn, with a zip and everything, I'm really not too shabby at sewing. Admittedly, I did have a little help from this tutorial, but in my defence, it was showing you how to do it with a sewing machine and I did it completely by myself. I have no clue how to use a sewing machine, but can definitely see how it would make this 10 times quicker/easier, it took me a few hours to make my cushion, but if I'd had a machine I reckon it probably would have only taken about half an hour, if I got my skates on.

I picked up a metre of this stripey fabric from Fabric Land as I thought all cats might not look as good, and I'm happy because I think they really go together. I've since realised I'll have a ton of fabric left over whatever I do though.

I picked up this pin wheel from this eBay seller, it's so pretty, but I've messed up the pattern and even lost a pin already.

I used to make cushion covers a lot when I was younger, I don't remember it being as fiddly as worrying about seams but I'm glad I took the time to do this because it looks so much better for it.

Once I'd finished sewing the zip in, I placed the fabric so it would be inside-out and pinned it, before overcast stitching the two fabrics together and then turning the cover back out and inserting the cushion. I forgot to unzip the zip first so I had to re-do the last few steps, but I now know for next time. All while my 'adult 18 year-old' sister went out drinking with her pals...

The rest of Saturday evening was spent with Doll being a hunter, and booting up old-favourite, Theme Hospital. Might have done a super nerdy thing and worked out how to boot it using a DOS programme... It's just as much fun as I remember.

Today was a lovely day too, it's been quite productive, I've applied to around five jobs, which I think is enough considering it's a Sunday - one inbox was even full so I think it might have been better to hold off until Monday anyway. I've tidied my room and just generally been quite relaxed, it's probably good prep for tomorrow when The Apple store is going to tell me I'll need to fork out £101 for a new battery for my Macbook and I'm going to have to pay a visit to the Jobcentre. It's just been one of those days, and the weather warming up makes me feel so positive, it also meant I could let Dolly into the garden without freezing to death.

This is what I started the day with, really hit the spot, I'm not even sorry, this is what Sundays are for. I'm pretty sure I've shrunk a bit anyway as the leggings I'm currently wearing didn't fit me and now do.

Here's a quick Photobooth of what I wore today. I love this t-shirt but I always seem to lose it, and not wear it for ages. I picked it up when Lazy Oaf had their pop-up store off Brick Lane back in November.
T-shirt: Lazy Oaf
Skirt: H&M
Leggings: Dorothy Perkins

Am I bit silly to like this photo? It was intentional, not an 'oops autofocus' moment so I think I can think it's quite good. She was stalking my neck strap, sometimes she really is a great cat, but my sister and I have been discussing that she wouldn't make a very good human.

One thing I did today was sort out the flowers that Moon bought me last week as they were looking a little bit sorry for themselves. I saved the ones that still had a bit of life in them and transfered them to a smaller vase and I've turned most of the roses into home-made pot pourri. I've also pressed a few of them, so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens... fingers crossed that it works.

This is a bowl that Moon bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It had the worst candy in it, but I've since mainly used it has a trinket bowl. I thought that I could temporarily rehouse those trinkets just for this, I'm pretty happy with this choice.

Here's finished cushion number one (I'll be working on number two this evening), sitting pride of place with all my other cushions. It's a bit ridiculous, I think when I have my own house these will be much happier on a sofa than on a bed.

Did I mention I'm pretty pleased with myself, I think this has turned out pretty damn great.

Doll seemed to be very happy that I've moved these to the windowsill, I'm very paranoid about her knocking them off, but she seemed pretty happy just sniffing them.

I'll leave you with this one. I'm printing off a few CVs to hand out tomorrow, but any time the printer does anything she's suddenly right there, I think it's because it makes a similar noise to the hoover but isn't as big or mobile.

I hope you have a lovely rest-of-Sunday. x


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    1. They are indeed, got them after seeing a post on The Dainty Squid, just typed keyboard stickers in to eBay and they came up. Probably spent a bit too much on them, but it's pretty great and people always comment on them :)

    2. Oh I want them now too!! I'll have to have a look on ebay :)

  2. Seriously one of the cutest cats i've ever seen xx

  3. oh the last photo is tooo beautiful ruth xxx


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