Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday Tabs. #11

I know it's late and we're all tired, but I have some de-cluttering today. I'm pretty sure that I've placed a comfortable fifth in the Motel Rocks Nail Art Competition, but it was nice to feel appreciated, particularly as there were so many other great entries.

I realise that this is a bit futile as I've been relatively absent for the last few days but I swear it's because I've been so busy, I've barely even touched my computer. Today was a bit of a dead-loss, we went all the way back down to Newbury for just one house thinking it would be a total dream, when it was actually a bit of a dump, nothing worth settling for either and pretty 'studenty'. I think we've found 'the one' though, here's hoping that it's not gone, and if it is, we'll have to keep looking, we were being a bit optimistic in thinking that we'd find something in just the three weeks leading up to when Moon starts his new job, which is Monday!
As well as racing down to Newbury, I also did the first few bits of my upcycled chest/bench. Wilkinson paint is currently my best friend, £1 for a decent-sized sample pot that was more than enough for the first part, except for the yellow, I don't recommend yellow - but more on that later.

I only got home a bit ago and all I've done is made a cup of tea and feed the cat, you're pretty high on my list of priorities. The job front is looking up a bit, I received the expected rejection letter from Sky, but I kind of knew it was going to happen, and I have an interview for an internship with theprintspace tomorrow, which I'm super-excited about. I need to get my skates on really because I haven't had time to really prepare or even plan what I'm wearing, today and yesterday have been such a mad-rush, no thanks to the impenetrable fortress that is my current doctor's surgery...

So this week, despite it only being Tuesday, when it feels like it should be Friday, is going really well and I feel like I'm getting a lot done. I'm going to start sewing a few more things, which I'll share with you soon, there seriously needs to be 30+ hours in a day with a week like this. Between personal projects, admin and applying for jobs, I've still got to fit in driving lessons and my test is scarily so soon.

Coral Demask Prom Dress, £39.50, Dorothy Perkins
I can't really resist a good prom dress and I think this one is so cute. Coral is the best colour for getting you in the mood for things feeling a bit more springy - although the weather is doing a fair amount to remind us of that at the moment anyway. Sadly I can't justify the nearly £40 price-tag at the moment, but the shape and colour make it a real beaut.

Laundry Double-brooch, Hairy Sock
I was really sad to see that this is now out of stock, I'll definitely be keeping a beady-eye on Hair Sock from now on, or a having a thorough browse on Etsy. I've never really seen anything like this before, and it goes really well with my current love of collars.

Smitten With Kittens Tee, £30, Brat & Suzie
I don't know how I forget that designers like Brat & Suzie exist, Moon and I always stop in at Boy Parker in Brighton and Brat & Suzie is definitely one of the more memorable brands there, although there is a lot of great designers to choose from. I love this t-shirt, what could be more apt for me right now, but I think it would teeter me over the edge of the cat-lady scale, it is in my favourite colour though...

Young Colossus, Orlando Weeks.
Being the fan-girl that I am, I've already placed an order and I'm so excited to get it. Orlando Weeks, lead singer of The Maccabees, not only designs their album artwork, but has also worked with Florence the Machine and Jack Penate. This will be a lovely treat for my eyes and ears, a book with a six-song soundtrack, having heard a few of Orlando's other side-projects, I'm hoping this will live up to expectation. There's a limited number of 1,500 copies but you kind find more information on the Young Colossus website.

No advert has made me want to commit to a phone more. So much lolz, and such a pretty phone/tablet/awesome device.

Car-print skirt, £12, S/S 12 Primark
Sadly I couldn't find this lovely skirt anywhere when I popped into the local Primark yesterday, I have settled on a cute car-print shirt in lovely pastel colours but it just isn't the same. Maybe it's gone forever... #sadface

This song is so nice, I'm kind of annoyed that seeing Brian Wilson live put me off The Beach Boys for so long, because they have some pretty cracking songs.

Link Love :
  • Plus Fox Doll DIY — I've already cut and pinned the material for my first attempt. I went a bit crazy in Newbury Fabric Land when I saw they even had nose-buttons so I'm thoroughly on this one. I've made a few alterations, but I hope to make a few, particularly as the bag of 'toy stuffing' I got, is enough for around five...
  • Quilted Diamond Tote Bag — (via How About Orange) — Download a neat .pdf pattern to make your very own quilted totebag, another project that will put to use the metres of extra fabric I have left over from my cat cushions.
  • Sprayed Cans and Tins — (bit DIY-orientated this week isn't it?) This quirky tutorial from Craft & Creativity shows a fun way to decorate storage containers. It reminded me of the awesome tutorial for this animal coat rack that I saw ages ago.
  • DIY Starfish Hair Clips — Clearly I've been in a bit craft-centric this week without realising, but this is another DIY tutorial, this time for cute coral hair clips. You often see shells and starfish when by the sea sold as souvenirs, and I think this is a much better way to keep them than as ornaments, if that's even what you're meant to buy them for...
  • Cath Kidston Summer-Farm Dress — Beautiful.
  • Cath Kidston Summer-Farm Shirt
  • Crafty Creatives — Plugging these ladies again, if you've paid attention thus far and think you might be interested in the above, you should definitely get yourself signed up to Crafty Creatives. They'll provide you with a pretty monthly delivery of neat craft projects, kind of like Glossybox but a bit more hands-on.
  • Joseph of Hoxton — A moving, and funny documentary photography series about an 81 year-old man from East-London called Joe by Photographer, Martin Usbourne, definitely worth a view, the text is great. Along with Martin Usbourne's animal portraits, this is one of my favourite projects of his.
  • Glasto Facepalm — Possibly one of the best Twitters since Chino Wanker.
  • Pie & Vinyl, Southsea — Taking Rough Trade East's coffee/record shop a step further, I think a visit to Portsmouth is required it sounds like so much fun. Such a shame that some nice/creative things are finally happening in Portsmouth now that I'm not longer there.

  • Happy Tuesday!

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