Saturday, 3 March 2012

'This one's for you', 'No it's not'.

Yesterday was lovely, Moon and I spent most of the afternoon in our favourite city, Brighton. Everything about Brighton is lovely, it's like it's got completely different laws, not sure if that makes sense or just sounds incredibly pretentious, I don't mean it to be pretentious.
I love Brighton, it's so laid back, and it just feels like there's more to see, and it's by the sea, so that's a plus. I'd love to get the chance to move there one day.

The day began with opening Moon's birthday presents, I bought him a couple of cute books, some Oreos, Moustache Elixir (it's a drink) and a pair of wicked-cool Vans, a bit different from what he usually wears but I think he likes them.

Doll was super impressed with the wrapping paper, apparently it was really tasty, as well as being a great place to hunt.

It got to half 11 pretty quickly and we zoomed off down to Brighton, stopping just outside for Harvester. We had planned to go to this cute vegetarian place that we've been saying we'd go to forever, but we've promised to go next time and hopefully Harvester won't call again. It did hit the spot though.

This must have been the biggest cucumber.

The second shop we came across, the first being AHA, where I picked up my cat-print canvas bag, was Porta, everything in there is amazing, the jewellery, the bags, the scarves. It's got a slightly vintage feel and the displays are beautiful, even incorporating a dolls house. I'm excited to head back down there once I've got some cash, just so I can buy everything. They had the most adorable tiny people necklaces and pins, which I wish I could show you!

Just looking at Porta's window display has me drooling, each necklace is great. Surprisingly I spotted Modcloth's famous What's the Story, Winston?' pug necklace, and they had a few variations including a bear and even a bunny, kicking myself that I didn't jot down designers.

Even walking down The Lanes provides a visual feast, so I was pretty happy window shopping really.

Pleased to see this sign in Get Cutie, it's nice that they are happy to warn people, but also pretty funny that they have to.

Boy Parker

The entrance to Snooper's Paradise.

Snooper's Paradise was looking particularly great yesterday. They've clearly done it up a little and there's now a lot of light coming in so it's much less dingy. I mean, that was undoubtedly part of the appeal but it's nice to have a bit more room to move. I'm not sure how allowed I am to take photos, but I only took a few anyway. There was so much interesting stuff, I couldn't resist.

I'm seeing a lot of doll house furniture around at the moment. Some of it is so intricate, it could almost be literally miniaturised versions.

They've really done up the upstairs of Snooper's Paradise, which now stocks vintage clothes, shoes and accessories and is probably one of the most beautiful rooms I've seen in ages. Didn't snap it, but take my word.

This is the collection of Studio Ghibli books stocked in Dave's Comics, so great.

As I mentioned, there was a lot of window shopping involved yesterday, while passing this barbers, we spotted this ultimate lad, how comfy and cute does he look?

It was such a shame that it was such a gloomy day yesterday as by comparison the day before and today were brilliant, at least it wasn't absolutely freezing though.

Rounding up our day in Brighton and attempting to get back to the car park before the price rolled up to £18, we took a stroll along the seafront, which is full of lovely places to look at and take photos of.

Here I am sitting in a boat.
Jacket: New Look
Dress: New Look
Necklaces: Primark, Accessorize
Bag: River Island
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Primark

When we got back to Moon's we had more Chinese food - we had it again for tea tonight! - and cake. I picked up these cupcakes from the Cloud 9 bakery in Brighton, it's where I got my birthday cupcakes from when I was in Brighton for my 21st birthday, they're a pretty great bakery, even making cupcakes on request. I just picked up two banana, a white and chocolate and a belgian chocolate, I had the banana and it was delicious.

I've had a really nice couple of days, I wish we could do more things like this without it needing to be a special occasion, hopefully I won't have to wait much longer, it was pretty great to just hang out.

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