Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tuesday Tabs #9

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This week is a bit Etsy-centric because I might have gone a bit mad and had one day last week where basically all I did was browse Etsy, but then, I was ill so what else was I supposed to do? And I've found some quite pretty things, so it's not technically an unproductive use of time...

I've got some great news, not necessarily for me, but Moon has managed to bag himself a job! I'm so happy because now he won't be such a mope. We're planning on heading down to a place called Newbury tomorrow to check out places to live. We need to have a serious talk about what we're going to do next because obviously I don't have a job at the moment, but my mum said she's willing to support me for a bit, and I'm sure there are other things that can help me out. It does make a me a bit sad though because I actually have enough money to be self sufficient, but only for about three months before it's all gone and then I really would have nothing. So it's a tough decision to make, but I wouldn't mind a change of scenery.

I've not really had any more leds for jobs, but I've only really picked up the job hunt again within the last couple of days so I hope to hear back from places soon, or just keep going...

Letterpress prints, £23.61, Happy Deliveries

Small Fabric Blue Tit, £150, Catherine Frere-Smith
Not entirely sure why anyone would want this but I totally do.

Don't Forget to Write, £20, Jamie Mills Illustration
This is firmly on my wishlist, firstly because it reminds me of 'Up', secondly because it's a limited edition of 50 and finally because it's pretty big (A3). I plan on buying this as soon as everything has settled down, I already have so many things that I want to frame and put on the wall, but this would be a welcome addition.

There's Always Room for Ice Cream, £22.95, Two for Joy Paper
Is it unusual to want to hang things in the kitchen? I think this would look great in a kitchen.

Crimson Galaxy Print Skirt, £78.69, Shadow Play NYC
You know what I want to know, where the promised 'diffused down to high street galaxy print' is, owning a pair of Black Milk leggings just doesn't satisfy me anymore and while this skirt is beautiful it's a lot more than I'm willing to spend.

Jersey blazer, £49.99, Zara
There's been so much fuss surrounding Zara recently that I thought I would pop into the Kingston branch while I was there. I kind of feel like I'm not yet old enough to be shopping there, just due to the price range of most of the items, however, for investment pieces, I think I'm in love. I saw the most gorgeous bag, which sadly I can't find on the website, for around £70, which yes, is a lot but it would never go out of fashion. This blazer probably is one of their more fashionable items, just because of the pop-colour, but the quality in is ten fold anything I would be able to find in New Look, which when you consider the price isn't too bad. I may consider a more sensible version once I've got a job.

Space bunting necklace, £8, Sophie Dear

'Love Me Tender' (Cover) by Peter Liddle and Matthew Taylor of Dry the River
So fast making their way onto my list of favourite bands, which as many of you may know is pretty tough as I only like about three bands.

1m Tall Totoro Plush, £38.03, MOLAPILA
Feeling as though there is little need for a description as this is just so ridiculous.

Moomins V Mormons T-shirt, £20, Hole in my Pocket

Set of 5 Mr. T Mugs, £32.79, Lenny Mud

I Miss Being A Small Girl lasercut, £87.21, Rob Ryan

Cat Breeds - Contempo Kitty Breeds Poster, £24.17, Sarah Loves Cats
What 'Tuesday Tabs' post would be complete without something cat-related?

May or may not have had a browse of the 'bacon and eggs' tab on Tumblr after posting this picture of bacon and eggs.

Stallion cushion, £12, Habitat
I usually associate Habitat with being pretty luxury, so I was pretty surprised to find this cushion was only £12, as normally cushions are through-the-roof expensive, seemingly for no reason now that I consider how cheap it was to make two cushions. Sadly due to now having a million cushions and already outputting my crazy on the cat cushions, I can't justify injecting yet more of my obsessions into my someday home's interior decorating, I really don't want people visiting and thinking they've entered the house of a cat and horse-obsessed mad woman.

Link Love:
  • Hand-stamped DIY Pony-print Dress — Big lover of any animal print anything, and in a DIY-tastic mood so this may very well get done at some point, it's seems so easy.
  • DIY Chalkboard Cabinets — Although I'm totally in love with Elsie from A Beautiful Mess' chalkboard kitchen, I think this tutorial by Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky is much more up my street. Thanks to both these ladies though, I now know that such a thing as 'chalkboard paint' exists, which could make for some super-neat upcycling, Hopefully we'll find somewhere that will allow us to do as such.
  • Three Springtime Milkshakes — The mega-pie in me would be happier if these weren't milkshakes, as I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't care for milkshakes, but these are very pretty instructions and I have been known to break my own rule and sip on a banana milkshake every now and then.
  • Gem Fatale's Feline Fest — Gem provided major Caturday treats at the weekend, featuring nail art homaging that Lazy Oaf t-shirt and the most adorable DIY pocket fabric inspiration - her own tutorial on this is linked below.
  • DIY Pocket Patch Shorts — Apparently I can't get enough of Gem this week, this morning she posted a really simple tutorial on how to get those patched pockets. I have way more fabric left over than I had bargained for so it's definitely something I'll be trying out soon, talk about excellent utilisation of hair straighteners!
  • Drunk Girl Designs — Awesome kitchen-themed original artwork and prints, including illustrated recipes, tea towels and this great Sriracha hot sauce print.
  • Kaylah's Cats looking a squirrel — One of the main reasons I love The Dainty Squid so much is the kitties. I adore this super cute post of Kaylah's cats looking longingly out the window at a squirrel, they're so well-captured.
  • Famous brands and their names

  • I'm not sure how well this post flows compared with others as it's a total mix of clothing, interiors and even jewellery, as well as DIY tutorials. It's been that kind of week though.


    1. Job huntings hard :( i left uni in december and i still haven't found anything

      Good luck to you xx

      1. I've got an interview on Friday, they actually called while I was writing this. I'm excited but I've had so many interviews, I've done a few internships in the area though - it's for a Media Researcher - so I'm crossing my fingers and toes.

        I'm sure you'll find something soon, you just have to keep positive, which I know is ridiculous, but having graduated in July, I've found that it's the one thing that really helps :) xx


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