Wednesday, 11 April 2012


This is a blog showcasing a few photos from my Easter Weekend. It's definitely all come crashing back to reality. I am so ill, and so are the rest of my family, apart from about two of them. Now when the twins are grown up, all I will remember of my first encounter with them is how they gave me the worst stomach bug I've had in forever, damn child germs, I've been in bed all day. I'm only emerging because I feel slightly better, not normal, but a bit better, still incredibly achey.

I'd like to ask for forgiveness in advance, the photos from when I was out at the pub were particularly blurry because for some reason I set the ISO to just 400, which doesn't mix well with dingy pub lighting. I hope you had a good Easter bank holiday and aren't seeing in the post-holiday period riddled with disease.

This is from Thursday's quiz, where we came second! Due to it being busy, we won a grand total of £15 in prize money. It's going back on tomorrow's quiz, which I hope I'll be better for.

I was pretty unhappy when I wore these on their first outing but now their probably the second-comfiest pair of flats that I own.
Thanks, ASOS.

This is all the freebie salad Moon was given from work. I must say that it's a perk I didn't know that I wanted, but one that I enjoy. Isn't the packaging devine? It received great reviews from my family when it was served on Easter Monday, a lot tastier than 'standard salad' apparently, so there you go.

My Gran has been going through her old slides, apparently from the late 60s to early 70s she doesn't really have any physical prints as everything she shot was on slides. I've mentioned before my admiration for my Gran's photography skills, and it was a really neat and communal way to look at the images. The projector is from Boots and still going strong from when Gran was shooting all these photographs, the photo-geek in me was more than impressed. She also has a hand-held projector, which looks something like this, but after it was repaired, some numpty broke it again, it was a bit hit though and another interesting way to take in photographs.

I honestly didn't spend every evening in a pub, this was a funny old night.

On Sunday, Moon, Chris and I drove over to Pease Pottage's car boot, which I'm sure would be incredibly if we hadn't picked one of the drizzliest days ever. I'm hoping that if this coming Sunday offers up some warmer weather, I'll be able to snap up some bargains.

I kept leaving my window open and Moon kept being cross. ♥

Chris' mum asked him to get some parsnips, Pease Pottage didn't have any. Am I wrong to think aubergines are more obscure than parsnips?

Like I said, sorry for the terrible pub photos, but this burger was delicious, no one else really liked theirs.

I picked up these from Dorking's carboot, they were vile, I've firmly learnt my lesson.



Who would have guessed that such adorable people could essentially wipe out an entire family.

Urgh, back to my pit I go. I only hope that Moon wasn't another victim, he doesn't take being ill very well and it's only the second week in his new job. We're getting reference forms for the flat sent out this evening, our move date is as early as the 15th, I don't think it will not be weird until I'm actually living there.

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