Friday, 20 April 2012

Photo A Day April: Day 19-20

You've caught me on the worst days, I've been so super-busy that both of these are terrible cop-outs because I've been so majorly distracted, still... I figured I'd share these with you because it will feel like a rounder number when I come back, yes that's how I do things.
Day 19 — 'Orange'

Here's the orange section of my keyboard, I picked up these decals from eBay after seeing them on The Dainty Squid. It's funny that I didn't see much orange yesterday, and if I did, the 6am wake up and overall excitement probably tired me out so much I just didn't notice. My laptop was on the floor because I was on the verge of some kind of crisis involving where to pack things from my desk, yep.

Day 20 — 'Something you drew'

When I first saw this I thought it would be a great excuse to draw something as I don't draw as much as I should. Sadly, you've just caught me at the wrong time - I said I would be super-busy - and this is the closest thing that's come to drawing something today. I'm such a list-maker, I think it helps my general disposition if it's just physically there. So this is a list of most of the things we'll probably need for our first shop. Not sure what it says about me that a mop and bucket literally take highest priority.

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