Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday Tabs. #12

Really, twelve? What even is this, it would be cool if everything could just really move forward soon. I really need just a sprinkling of luck to get me started.

Sorry, I'm in a pretty foul mood, I failed my driving test a few hours ago. It was only my first go, so it really isn't a big deal, it's not as though I was desperate to pass it first time, I just didn't want to take it a second time. The test itself was fine, apart from knowing the mistakes I'd made instantly and there being nothing I could have done about them. I suppose at least now I know that the test isn't as big or as scary thing as I predicted it to be, but I felt like such an idiot crying over it. I think it's because I keep thinking about the money, time and effort that's gone into it, the amount of variables to a test stresses me the hell out too. I'm still beating Moon though, so hopefully I'll be able to pass next time, whether I'm still here or down in Newbury. It's pretty lame that there's a ten-day cooling off period before I can book another test.

On a positive note, Moon and I may have found ourselves a home down in Newbury, we're just waiting for the estate agent to email across details about referencing, which hopefully will be soon so I don't have to pester. Pestering is my least favourite thing about house hunting, imagine begging someone for a job in the same way you have to practically beg to view a house, pretty sure I'd be even more unemployed than I am now, if that's even possible. It's a great two bedroom maisonette though, with a lovely garden backing onto a park, I can really see myself there and hopefully Dolly will be able to come with us too.

This week's been a bit slow in terms of fun internet things because, as you probably noticed, I spent most of last week running to and from Newbury and having driving lessons so there's been little time for procrastinating at my desk. Job hunt is too slow too, this is the first spell of zero replies that I've had in about two months, maybe I suddenly started doing something wrong...

Heavy Lifting Light Shade, £14, Urban Outfitters
I've had to start thinking about lamp shades, which is a real first. This is since noticing, that as we're no longer students and therefore not looking at student properties, we don't even get lampshades. Not a big deal because it's not something you need to get straight away, but also quite important because I want them at least eventually and I know I'm not willing to settle for Wilkinson's £1.97 fair, not that there's anything wrong with them, I just think that part of my life is over, if that makes sense.

More recently I've found myself thinking about my time at University, don't ask me why because it's rarely something I really do unless talking with friends. But, and I may have mentioned this to you before, one night in halls in the first year of Uni, Moon and I stayed up until gone 2am, just watching videos of domino championships. I mean sure, say what you will but it's pretty intense not the mention brilliant to watch, the 8 minutes of this one really flew by. Maybe I should try and be a domino champion.

ASOS Animal Print Shirt, £34, ASOS
This is my favourite of the ASOS/It's Nice That Collab, the colourful animals should be enough of a giveaway as to why.
So completely on my want/need list.

Multi-way Bag, £13.11, Clothes Market World
I'm not sure if I want to take a risk on this one, but it would be cool if the high street started bringing out bags of this fashion. Basically it can be a handbag or a backpack, and that's pretty useful. Apparently it's big in Korea at the moment but I'd love one just so I don't have to worry about my inexplicably heavy laptop snapping another poor unsuspecting tote, I'm tired of sewing straps. I just don't know if this one is big enough or good quality enough. Has anyone out there picked up anything similar from eBay, what were your results? After seeing LLYMLRS' imitation Zara tote I have high hopes but I'm not willing to part with cash just yet.

You see this kind of video come up on Youtube every so often, and they're just really good at lifting your spirits and recognising what an amazing planet we live on. It's a pretty swell pick-me-up.

Some days, I need this massive and sellotaped to my face.

My favourite image taken from a series of double-exposures on 'You Should Take Care'. Having studied Photography so much it's funny how easy it is to forget how many fun editing techniques there are to try out.

Grassy Cats Eco Cup, £14, Urban Outfitters

Anyone can say anything they want about Ok Go's musical ability, but when it comes to music videos, they do a pretty cracking job. This is their latest offering for their single 'Skyscrapers'

Safari Animal Butt Magnets, $14, Fred Flare

Give Me Work Tapestry Kit, £75.61, Rob Ryan
Unsure if this is to make it or just have it, but I would like both, please.

White Point Collar with Interchangable Flower Tie, £17.30, CATatelier
I would love to dress Doll up and I bet it would be lots of fun, but as she doesn't even really like her flea collar, it looks like I'll just be admiring CATatelier's designs from afar.

Easter Bunny Bath Bombs, £4.81, KBShimmer

Link Love:
  • Highlights Scrapbook DIY — This is something I used to do all the time when I was a bit younger, I think University workbooks and studying must have got in the way, but it's certainly a neat thing worth getting into again.
  • Hamburger Eyeshadow — As part of Burger King's latest advertisement campaign in The Netherlands, they've gone for a beauty theme to go with their 'new look' menu. It's quite a cute idea, sure the eye make up is crazy but it's a neat idea, especially for a fancy dress night out.
  • That's So Yesterday's Guide to Dying Fabric — This was an appropriate and helpful tutorial for me, or it will be once Moon and I have our own place. We're being handed down a white sofa-bed, and white and I just don't get on. It's got removable covers so I'm hoping with a little coaxing that Moon will allow me to dye it a more Ruth-friendly colour (not black, but the darker and less stain-proned, the better). This DIY is also amazing for the current dip-dye trend, which I'd love to try out on my bargain-tastic £4 mint-green Primark cardigan which I got the other day. On a personal level, I also have one of the dresses used in the tutorial and now I know how it will take to dye, I'm slightly tempted as it might encourage me to wear it more.
  • ASOS X It's Nice That Shirt Collaboration — So many pretty shirts, hoping that if I keep a beedy enough eye on them that they'll drop in price and I'll be able to call a few of them mine. I know they're men's shirts, but they're too nice to ignore.
  • Dave and Ashley get Engaged — Adorable photography series documenting photographer, Jon Mark's friends, Dave and Ashley, getting engaged. The story is brilliant and the images are awesome, as well as some great portraits after the proposal took place, I just thought the whole setting was incredible.
  • Paperchase's Easter Collection — Not only is some of the line up to 50% off, but omg, there's so many bunnies everywhere! I love Easter ♥.
  • A Thrifty Mrs: What Does Thrifty Mean To You? — A cracking blogpost addressing spending priorities from Superscrimper lady, El. Her blog is something I think I will become all the more acquainted with as things like rent and bills gain more importance.

  • I guess that's it for this week, I can't believe Easter has crept up on me so quickly. We're having a big family thing on Monday and I'm really looking forward to it. This has really taken my mind how annoying it was to fail my driving test, so thanks for stopping by.

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