Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tuesday Tabs. #14

This will probably be the last post like this for a while, as I'm slowly coming to the realisation that we're going to be without Internet for at least a bit once we move into our flat. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't have to still look for a job, but there are ways around that (McDonalds/actually going out and talking to people).

Things are moving kind of slowly, we were expecting to be signed up and have the keys by now but the estate agents are pretty slow. All going well though we should be moving on Saturday, it's quite exciting. Shopping for homewares was exciting until I actually had to do it, I never knew I would struggle so much picking up a toaster - I picked up a lovely one from Marks & Spencer, I like the colour panels and it will go with everything, as I plan on keeping things light and chilled out. I was umming and ahhing over the matching kettle but have settled on a standard stainless steel one from Tesco instead because it was slightly cheaper (IRL anyway thanks to a pricing error).

So things are up in the air but I hope that by this time next week everything might just be falling into place. I had a promising interview this morning and I hope the outcome is positive, it's the first job in a while that I've been for that's actually been paid. I'm not at all about money but I definitely can't afford to do anything for free anymore.

At The Aquarium Bag, $94.99, Modcloth
Although I'm having some serious nags over my love of most shades of turquoise/teal, this bag is beautiful. It's so annoying that shipping from Modcloth is such a bomb, and that I'm meant to be on a clothes fast... although most of my bags are breaking/broken.

ASOS Cat Over The Knee Socks, £4, ASOS
I don't want these, I just thought they'd be a fun item to share with you because they're so silly. I'm not sure how skinny your legs would even need to be to pull off this arguably unflattering design.

All Over Lobster Print Tee, £28, Urban Outfitters
Obviously, as it's Urban Outfitters it comes with a crazy price, but I thought this was a pretty cool t-shirt, for a mister or me. I do like lobster.

Vagabond Pink Wedge Shoes, £70, Urban Outfitters

Shark plate, £15, Brighton Crock
Brighton Crock is a fun, homewares Etsy from Brighton-based Sarah James. The pieces are very much inspired by the seaside and the city of Brighton. I think my own love of Brighton is what makes me like her work, I'm also reminded a bit of Jim Bob Art, who has some of my most favourite animal crockery on Etsy.

Butchershop Meat Posters, £19.35, YeeHaw
Love these manly letterpress prints, they'd look so great in a big country house kitchen.

Charming Little Home Mugs, £9.03, Circus Bear Vintage
Mugs and other dinnerware are definitely things I need to stay away for a bit that Moon and I are well stocked up, but you can use mugs for other things than just drinking...

Leaping Rabbits Mobile, £190.68, Artisanie Europe

Bandit Fox, £21.28, Adatinė
These foxes are so funny looking, I love them. I like nearly all of the stock in this shop, particularly this linen whale.

Link Love:
  • Can't Heart-ly Wait Planner from Modcloth — The pages in this look super-useful, but buying more things won't sort out my bank balance, even if there is a page in this organiser that claims to do so. Why does new stationary always have to be so good?
  • Miss Étoile Summer 2012 Catalogue — Although quite girly (and therefore disallowed from the Moon-Ruth home collab), there are so many pretty items available from Danish home decor company, Miss Étoile. I spotted some of their designs while browsing Bentalls yesterday afternoon, they reminded me of Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast, never a bad thing surely?
  • TippExperience — Neat interactive Youtube video.
  • Simple Horse Throw Pillows — I have cushions coming up to eyes, but this is a fun tutorial, and with me if it's not cats, it's horses, so I had to share it with you.

  • I think it's a bit less than usual this week, but what with being ill and so much homewares shopping, I've had little time for vegging out, which I guess is a shame as it will be a while before we can do this again. ♥

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