Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bonjour, Avril.

Today was an incredibly uneventful way to see in a new month. Scarily seeing in a new month really, what am I going to do? I sure hope I don't see in another month jobless, this is all getting very uncool. I still don't think I've caught up on all my lost sleep from this week as I still feel exhausted, but I'm beginning to think it's probably more down to the general stress rather than just not sleeping enough.

I did this on Friday morning, but I figured that now was as good a time as any to share them with you. Because it was so cold yesterday I still haven't got around to finishing off upcycling my chest, but expect to see things in the next few days.

I used Gem Fatale's fool-proof tutorial and I'm super-happy with the result. I picked these jeans up for £13 from Primark, and they'll do as a good stand-in for the Republic daisy-print trousers I've had a hankering for. Although polka-dots do add something different to these jeans already, I think they needed a little extra. They were too long for me anyway so needed taking up, but having kitties on the pockets is the best bonus. I don't think I did a too bad job considering I was lacking hair straighteners which look as though they would definitely make the job a thousand times easier. Now I know it's this easy, I definitely think I'll give it go again in future.

While I remember I also thought I would share these neat tropical-print shoes I picked up from ASOS for just £11. I'm currently not that happy with them as after a first serious wear they've left me with some very sore blisters. I'm willing to push on forward though because overall they're pretty solid and feel like they might last quite long, plus the pattern is pretty...

Have you bought anything fun lately to fully embrace the brilliant weather, may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Today's the day I start FatMumSlim's April Photo A Day Challenge, which, due to how this post has turned out, I'll slip into a new post. There's still a lot of the 1st of April left, so it's not to late to join in.

Happy April Fools Day!

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