Tuesday, 1 July 2014

FMS Photo A Day | June

I've known about Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge for what feels like absolutely ages now and I always start them with the best of intentions but have never finished one.

However, after completing my #100HappyDays Challenge and with what looked to be an exciting, sun-filled June, I figured it would be a breeze, and hey, it totally has been. I've treated this with a little more care and thought than I have previously and like to think that it's paid off. If nothing else, it gives me something nice to share with you as we come into July.

1 // 'Joy' - Jumping for joy while having a little walk around Bagnor.
2 // 'Doing' - Work, work, work.

3 // 'Family'
4 // 'Ordinary'

5 // '11 O'Clock' - Very important elevenses.
6 // 'Adventure' - Evening Walk in Richmond Park.

7 // 'Pattern' - Beautiful bunting at the Wealden Times summer fair
8 // 'T is for...'

9 // 'We Live Here' - The arrival of summer always brings a new appreciation for our garden.
10 // 'Flying' - Probably my laziest one, I wanted some nice birds but I couldn't find any :(

11 // 'The Beginning' - Alliums starting to show us what they can do.
12 // 'Pastel'

13 // 'Simply' - My most simple one.
14 // 'Cross' - Hard to find too so settled for the cover of my holiday read.

15 // 'Lovely' - Our lovely Portugal villa.
16 // 'In the Shadows'

17 // 'Peaceful'
18 // 'Quirky' - Playing Newmarket with bottlecaps for coins.

19 // 'Habit' - Sangria Time.
20 // 'Yay!'

21 // 'Here I Am' - Paddling in the sea.
22 // 'Growing' - Fingers crossed we will have actually grown our own tomatoes from seed this year.

23 // 'In This Moment' - Hometime with Dolly.
24 // 'What June Looks Like' - Nothing but blue sky.

25 // 'Sun Flare'
26 // 'Dreaming'

27 // 'Loving'
28 // 'Bed'

29 // 'Delight' - A sweet afternoon with Moon's ma in Dorking.
30 // 'The End'

I quite like the idea of prompts for this kind of thing rather than random photo taking, just as with 100 Happy Days was about finding the good in things, it's kind of satisfying to have a bit of a theme. I found that checking the prompts at the end of each day and again in the morning made it much easier for it to stick well and truly in my mind, as well as allowing me to think through what I was going to do.

Have you ever taken part in any 'Photo A Day' challenges? Do you have any others that you've come across, I'd love to hear about them.
I'm starting July's Photo A Day today, will you be joining in? I'm pretty excited to do it with my brand spanking new phone too!

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