Friday, 11 July 2014

Film Club | June

June in film definitely feels like a bit of a non-event, I think the combination of being outside a bit more, focussing on other things and going on holiday have not made for a very good sitting down and relaxing with a good movie environment (+ Orange is the New Black Season 2 came out). I managed to get five in this month though, which is still more than one a week (sort of) so I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

  1. A Million Ways to Die in the West
  2. The Lincoln Lawyer
  3. Mindscape
  4. A Long Way Down
  5. Bad Neighbours

Most Favourite: A Million Ways to Die in the West: My love of Seth MacFarlane-related things has gone down as I've grown older and programmes like Family Guy don't really tickle me in the way they used to - I think mainly because I'm a Simpsons girl through and through. A Million Ways to Die in the West did get me though, it looked pretty good in the trailers but it's so much funnier than that. There are musical numbers, numerous cameos and even a Barney Stinson reference, to top that off the scenery is pretty breathtaking, I'd love to visit the Wild West. If you didn't like Ted, give this one a chance, it's heaps better and aside from a few weed jokes, it's a really decent comedy film.

Least Favourite: Bad Neighbours: I kind of wish that Seth Rogen didn't feel the need to grow up, I mean what is that about? This film is one of those ones where the best bits are in the trailer, which is always a shame. I don't really get whose side you're meant to be on so there's not much point, plus, again with the stoner jokes, why does that have to creep in everywhere, it's just lazy. Zac Efron and Dave Franco aren't too bad in it but I was just equal measures of stressed and bored.

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