Saturday, 12 July 2014

What I Wore :: PYO

As if it's been nearly a year since I last shared an outfit... I don't have any excuses, maybe it's a self-conscious thing - I've become a bit chunkier than I'm comfortable with over the last year, or I've just been busy taking photographs of other things. Either way, I was pretty pleased with what I put together last Saturday and when given the chance to pose amongst the (delicious) strawberries, it just felt right, you know?

I even have bare legs, which is almost unheard of for me, particularly given that it was a mostly overcast day, what can I say, I'm just hella pleased with dat Portugal tan.

Top:: H&M
Skirt:: Vintage
Necklace:: H&M
Brooch:: Vintage
Belt:: ASOS
Sandals:: Office

This might be one of favourite most recent outfits and I feel like it's definitely going to be making an appearance a few more times before summer is out.

These sandals are my new favourites along with a pair of fake Birkenstocks I picked up at the same time. It's such a treat to get a pair of shoes that don't need any wearing in.

I know I've gushed about Cobbs a few times on here now but I just really like it, as a shop, as a restaurant, as a pick your own. Those were the best strawberries I've had in a while. I'm kind of sad that our homegrown strawberries are just as delicious but oh so tiny but we do have a much better crop than last year so I can at least be happy about that.

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