Thursday, 10 July 2014

#1day12pics :: July

You know one of those weeks where the last thing you want to do is sit in front of a computer when you get home? Yeah, well it's sort of been one of those. I'm kind of sad about that really because blogging is something I really do enjoy and I like to share pictures and thoughts, I guess it's a bit of a shame that I haven't been able to find the motivation lately.

With all that being said, I took quite a few pictures last Saturday and reckon I've managed to get a few posts out of that, the first one being my third 1 Day 12 Pictures Photo Challenge with Michelle from MY Creative and Emma from Photography for Blogs.

We had grand plans for last weekend and had been talking about them before it even hit Wednesday but then the weather decided to be indecisive and it put us off so we ended up on a short and sweet jaunt to the beautiful town of Marlborough with a pit-stop at Cobbs for the Pick Your Own on the way home. It was actually a really nice day, rounded up with a sweet date night and salted caramel Haagen Dasz (what a dream ).

1: 9am // Slightly unnervingly sweet behaviour from our little predator first thing in the morning. RIP to the little vole she brought in on Friday night.

2: 10am // It wouldn't be a Saturday without any plans without a little Saturday Kitchen.

3: 11am // Optimistically bopping into Marlborough for Mr Moon's first proper drive since we came back from Portugal.

4: 12pm // A little rain never hurt anyone...

5: 1pm // Marlborough's church is quite wonderful, not only is it pretty beautiful inside, it also features a large local crafts shop and tea room.

6: 2pm // Cobbs really does have the best Pick Your Own, I'm looking forward to heading back there once the raspberry and tayberry crops are better later in the summer.

7: 3pm // I went a little wild at Marlborough's Saturday market, but you can't blame me, their selection is quite something, not pictured is 4 plaice fillets we got for just £5! Their fruit and veg stall puts Newbury's to shame too, I must have come away with three carrier bags full of stuff for around £6.

8: 4pm // An accidental afternoon nap - a 20 minute power nap for me turned into a 2 hour sleep for Mr Moon, something he rarely does but clearly needed.

9: 5pm // Cranky boyfriend waking up to sort out what our dinner plans would be, I haven't seen him faff about so much in ages - wish I got a better picture of it.

10: 6pm // Dressing up and putting my face on.

11: 7pm // We had a lovely meal at a little Donnington pub called The Three Horseshoes. Neither of us were really into the menu but everywhere else was fully booked and we actually felt a little guilty for underestimating it so much. The food was really tasty and the service was great, there's not really much else you want for a relaxing Saturday evening.

12: 8pm //I requested a quick swing by Sainsbury's on the way home to search for this beaut, might be my new favourite ice cream flavour.

So that was my third #1day12pics and the first without any pre-planned events going on in the background, not bad going though, even if I do say so myself.

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