Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary.

With Moon and I potentially both working in Oxford come the middle of September, we took a mini road trip over the weekend to broaden our horizons when it comes to an (as of yet) hypothetical move.

While we haven't found anywhere that's quite right yet, we did discover the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary. We found it after spotting a sign for a jumble sale in a car park in Didcot, we were in the mood for a potter and the potential of seeing some donkeys was kind of intriguing.

The jumble sale wasn't up to much but the barn it was held it did feature some interesting d├ęcor choices. We were just about to leave before curiosity got the better of me and I found out that the Donkey Sanctuary itself was free.

I just want to say that even though Island Farm is right up my street anyway because it means I get to take photographs of cute farm animals, I think it kind of sells itself a bit short. I'd definitely pay more than a 'donation' to see the donkeys and they're clearly well cared for.

Soft and shaggy donkey.

Some of the donkeys seem to have broken out of their fields, it was kind of refreshing to be somewhere that was a bit slack on health & safety regulations.


The donkeys are so relaxed around people and happy to have a stroke.

Spot the hiding chicks.

Granted, we only spent just over half an hour walking up and down the field but I feel like they need way more publicity because they seem to be doing a really great job - all the donkeys were well groomed and seemed really chilled out and happy.

It was a nice little find and I can think of a couple of friends who'd really appreciate a trip there on their next visit.

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