Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Time Machine... Out of a Delorean?

By now this will have been sitting in my drafts folder for quite some time.

I was already a little naughty and snuck my phone in with me for the main event but I couldn't ruin it further by insta-sharing the 35mm photographs I was able to take too. With today marking the end of Secret Cinema's Back to the Future, I'm finally setting these photos free into the universe.

Hidden away in one of the bars was a stall selling these disposable 35mm cameras, after seeing others with disposables and asking them where they were from only to be told they were from Boots, I was so happy to find it. I guess it's the photographer in me and yes, I'll agree that it's nice to switch off but seriously, there were so many good things to photograph and shamefully, I get a little tetchy in situations like that.

I think the main reason there were no cameras allowed was down to spoiling the secret but given that there was so much press prior to the day we went due to all the mishaps, I can't say I feel too guilty about it.

We visited on the 2nd August and had wonderful weather for it. It was such a great event and despite early criticism, Secret Cinema totally pulled this off. It was so nice to see so many people made so much effort too, sometimes it was difficult to tell the cast members from us normals.

After my previous immersive experience with The Drowned Man, I wasn't sure what to expect but was more than impressed to see that a mini construction of Hill Valley was right in front of me when we entered. From the McFly house to the Clock Tower, so much attention to detail had been put in, it's understandable as to why there was so much faff before the opening night. If nothing else, looking around all the houses, shops and even the high school, was a neat way to kill some time before the sun set and we could watch the film.

Not quite Doc..

It was such a fun movie-going experience, I loved that everyone cheered the first time we saw Marty on screen, that we booed Biff and mostly, that we laughed together. The live-action performances that went along with the film were really well done especially the clock tower abseiling finale (and seeing the Delorean for the first time). I'm sure there are things I've missed out but it was just a really good night out, my highlight was dancing along to Johnny B. Goode, and actually just dancing a lot throughout the whole evening.

Yes, it was pricey and paying for extras once we got in was quite a big ask, but you can forget about that when you've had a really, all-out great time full of references for one of your favourite films.

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