Sunday, 24 August 2014

Smiling on Sunday :: Four.


This week has felt short and long in many respects, I'm quite pleased to be hanging on to the weekend with an extra day added to my bank holiday and it only being Sunday.

There has been quite a bit to be pleased about this week, even if a lot of it has involved making grown up decisions that no one is able to make for me - a small part of me misses the time when I was always told what to do.


  • I got a new job! - After the uncertain feeling from last week, things seem to have turned around a bit, as I've noticed it seems to since doing these round-ups, maybe nothing is really worth the dramz. But yes, pending contracts and the like, I'll be a Digital Marketing Executive come the middle of September. It all marks the beginning of exciting (and scary) things
  • Cups of tea post-dinner - This week I've been getting into the habit of making myself a nice cup of tea after dinner, not only that but I've managed to catch it at the perfect temperature when I come to drink it too. This is something that I tend to do more once it gets cooler but given that I've spent more nights this week with a blanket wrapped around me than not, I think it's justified
  • Having the bed to myself for a few minutes each morning - What this really means is that Moon is having to get up earlier to beat traffic and coming home super-sleepy in the evenings because of it but there's something really good about starfishing out for an extra 10 minutes before it's time to make myself presentable

Must-Try Recipes:

  • 21 Energy Boosting Breakfast Toasts - I think breakfast is my favourite meal of the day but I do still find my tummy rumbling at work come 11am, not good. Toast is usually what I go for but after seeing these, I recognise that what I'm putting on it might not make for the most nutritional breakfast. Definitely willing to give some of these a try, may avoid the ones with cottage cheese though
  • Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup - I know it seems silly for it to be August and to be talking about soups but it's been so chilly around these parts, plus it's such a bright colour you could say it's summery. I made a stew at the beginning of the week, while I hope the weather does warm up, I do miss my staple one-pot dishes a little bit
  • Chicken Cashew Lettuce Wraps - This is what I feel like we should be having, and on a warmer afternoon at the beginning of the month we had something very similar at my mum's. I always forget it exists, I think because I don't care for iceberg lettuce very much but as a wrap, it's a wonderful way to make a dish more refreshing

Lovely Links:

The birthday dinner party Ally from Now That's Pretty threw for her boyfriend looks wonderful. She's given some great tips for throwing your own big dinner party too, makes me wish our friends lived nearer to us so we could pull one of these out 'just because' rather than for a special occasion.

Lyzi's photographs from her Bucket List Balloon Ride are truly awesome. Going up in an air balloon is something I've always wanted to do, it looks so fun and peaceful.

Charlotte's post from her trip to Dublin had me quite excited to take a trip to Southern Ireland. With the Irish side of my family being from Belfast, most holidays to Ireland have been in Northern Ireland or more to the west. I think I've only been to Dublin once and I spent the day grumpy (because I am grumpy, not because of Dublin) and I think it's only fair to give it another go.

Next Week's Motto: 'You get out what you put in...'

What's made you smile this week?

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