Friday, 30 May 2014

Phone Protection.

[c/o Mr Nutcase]
When Mr Nutcase got in touch with me about reviewing one of their custom phone cases I figured it sounded like a pretty good deal. However, given that I basically smashed my own poor Galaxy S3's screen to pieces at the office Christmas party I felt like a jazzy new case might be a bit wasted one me.

As Mr Nutcase sell cases for most phone models (as well as tablets), getting one for Moon's S2 seemed like the right way to go, allowing me to have a proper look to review it and let Moon get a new case to replace his trendy wooden one that broke a few months ago.

I went with getting pictures of our friends much like I did for my Casetagram case, there's quite a good choice of layouts to choose from but I must admit that the way you choose the type of case was a little confusing. I think image-wise, to be honest with you, I'd still pick Casetagram but for the price (starting at just £14.95) and the fact that you're getting a completely custom design for your phone, Mr Nutcase is certainly providing a purse-friendly option.

Despite slight image-quality shortcomings, I think if I'd sifted through more images, or perhaps picked solely from Instagram (Mr Nutcase definitely favours square images), the case itself is high quality. I feel like I should tell you that Moon did turn his nose up at it a bit when I first presented it to him, skeptical I suppose of the fact it was a freebie, I haven't seen him take it off yet though so it must be doing its job.

If you're looking to order a custom phone case from a company based in the UK that is sure to arrive quickly, then I definitely can't fault Mr Nutcase in the slightest. My order arrived within 2 days, which considering it was an item that was to my spec, I'd say is pretty good. You can also choose a variety of other pre-made designs.

For a limited time you can get 10% off any order from Mr Nutcase using the code: Thanku10. I have also seen if you're looking for added security, you can get 10% off Protect Your Bubble using the code: NUTCASE10 and insure your gadget at the same time!

Have you used Mr Nutcase before? What photographs would you put on your phone case?

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