Thursday, 29 May 2014

YFC Berkshire Country Fayre 2014.

I can't believe how terribly miserable the weather has been recently. We were lucky enough to spend at least one day of the Bank Holiday in the sunshine, Moon's poor forehead even got sunburnt, similar to when we were at the same fair last year, will he ever learn?

We headed over towards Theale with our friends Tim and Laura for our second go at the Young Farmer's Club Berkshire Country Fayre. I'm afraid I have to start by saying that the weather really did make a difference and we enjoyed it a bit more last year, just because it was actually warm then and we found ourselves getting a bit chilly.

Also, since the fayre moved this year just a little way up the round the the Englefield Estate it didn't have as much going for it as when we attended the previous year. That said, I was mainly excited that every other person seemed to have a dog and spotting dogs is one of my favourites, especially when their owners are more than happy to let you pet them(!)

I picked up one of those mice for Doll, it's her new favourite thing.

The Flyball was the best thing.

Last time we were a little sad that we missed out on a few of the events but this year there wasn't all that much to miss. Most of the displays consisted of a rushed 'interview' before whatever was on display was swiftly whisked out of the main arena before the 'next act' - no over-the-top 4x4 display for us this year!

The craft and food tents seemed much smaller too, and I think that's a real shame given that was the main reason I was excited to go. I guess there were parts of the day where we found ourselves getting a bit bored, even if it was nice to get out in the sunshine and pet all the dogs. I'm more looking forward to the grand event that is the Berkshire County Show in September now, as well as being excited for the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair in a couple of weeks thanks to winning tickets from Cider with Rosie.

You can look at the whole Flickr set: here.

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