Sunday, 17 May 2009

Final Pieces.

These are my final pieces from my two image based projects from this semester.

These images are the final six images selected for my Autobiographical Practices project, based around my bed and what I use it for. The series is entitled, "Ruth's Bed", a tribute to Tracey Emin's "My Bed" (1999), who initially inspired me to follow through with this idea. I didn't present the images finally in this order, the top images swapped with the bottom as I thought the sequencing would be better. I spent nearly £400 on this project, I'd better pass it.

And, this is my final photomontage piece for Text & The Photographic Image.
This image is based on the moral panic surrounding women and binge drinking, which despite being a nationwide problem focusing on all ages and all genders, it is still 18-30 women who are being used as a scapegoat surrounding the issue. I have had my crit for this image and although the hands were arguably claimed to make the image ambiguous as to who I was talking about, once the message was stated, it became clear.

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