Sunday, 17 May 2009

My week.

This week has actually been pretty amazing, once I got past Wednesday.
The week was pretty hectic to begin with due to needing to finish my Autobiographical project before going to see The Maccabees on Wednesday, pretty much everything that could have gone wrong, did. But it all managed to sort itself out and The Maccabees picked everything up.

Discovered a lovely little band called Mumford and Sons, a bit Noah & The Whale, a bit Frightened Rabbit but wonderful, I am currently addicted to their song "Little Lion Man", their single "The Cave" is out now.

Yesterday was Eurovision, and as per the recommended style, we had a bit of a party, bringing a dish from a chosen country and watching Eurovision.
I was Azerbaijan, who I knew would come in the top four, I don't know why they did as their song was awful, but still. I won out of everyone that came anyway, it wasn't a tactical thing, I just like how Azerbaijan rolls off the tongue. My dish was Chicken and Eggs (toyug chighirtmasi), basically an omelette. Most people made a fair effort, especially Stacy, although his Finnish purple goo wasn't as delicious as the recipe promised.

This guy, what a twat.

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  1. yeah that 'Fairytale' song is absolute BS.
    Can't believe he got so many points. FIXED!


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