Thursday, 21 May 2009

Lice Nemons.

Whoever said that lemon and tea was nice was either a liar, or lacking taste buds.
Maybe I bought the wrong lemons, I'm remaining adamant that it's disgusting despite this though.

This is one of my plans for tonight,, a free cocktail, some more cocktails.. Thank God for people finishing things, I will now have things to do and get to spend time with my boyfriend. \o/.

My book about American Sideshow came today, man, what an awesome read, I don't see how it's unethical. Half of the people in this book so far wanted the money and wanted to take advantage of their oddities. I definitely think it should be brought back, just because it's interesting, not because it's "weird".

I watched "The Beach" (2000) again last night - it's about the tenth time I've seen it, it's always so good, but it never fails to disappoint me with the ending, I know it's coming but I always forget that it becomes a bit random and annoying.

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