Friday, 30 December 2011


I guess that this will probably be my last post of 2012, so I thought that I would make it a big one.

I don't think I'm really doing anything for New Year's Eve, as per usual, but I'm saving my energy for the whole year so it's irrelevant that I happen to be spending New Year's Eve just like most Saturday nights rather than with my spread-out friends as I would want to...

I suppose I should finish off this year the way that I would plan to start any new year, with my resolutions. I dislike the assumption that people who make resolutions end up breaking them (and therefore become depressed about it) within the first few weeks. Maybe I will break them or fail in the first few weeks, but it might be spectacular, and I have a whole year to come back to it and achieve it if I want to. So here are my goals for this time next year.

1. Get a job.
This one is a pretty big deal and integral to doing what I want ever, I don't want to be on JSA any longer than I have to. I hope that the New Year brings more prospects and the chance for both further work experience and the chance to earn some cash.
2. Make it so my someday home is just my home, i.e. move out.
Both this and the first are linked, as fine as I am with living at home, I would be happier with my own space, my own kitchen, my own lounge, it will be great and it will be mine with my things. Probably the worst thing about 2011 was moving home and back to just having a bedroom, which is fine for the holidays but not great for any longer than that.
3. Spend less, way less.
I'm coming to terms, hard and fast, with how important it is to save money and how I need to not live so hand-to-mouth. It's lame not having any money for big fun things like trips and holidays but more dresses that I will ever wear in a year, I don't even have anywhere to go because I spend all my money.
4. Do at least one creative thing every week.
I had wondered whether it would be a good idea to begin a '52 Week Project', but that feels a bit too forced and camera-centric. Additionally, I also think that I do need to keep myself creative in other areas, start drawing more, making things and even watching more films, plus if unemployment continues, at least it will keep me active.
5. Pass my driving tests.
With my theory test looming, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I'll be able to pass and have a car by Easter, I'm still a bit wary of it but not nearly as scared as I was before I started driving. I need to do it and most importantly, I want to, it will be fun.

Other than the standard 'drop a dress size' that comes with the calorific season that was Christmas, I don't think I'm asking myself to do anything particularly unachievable. This is going to be the year that I turn into an adult, probably.

Awesome time-lapse/stopframe video of the view from Eirik Solheim's window. Captured in 2007/8 but still a pretty nice way to see away 40 seconds, and people are still reflective in 2011/2 are they not?

All the Buzz Satchel, Modcloth, $79.99

Bronx Lace Dalmation Brogues, New Look, £69.99
V. high on my wish list, other than those (now discontinued) Minnie Mouse creepers from Lazy Oaf, these are the most awesome shoes of this kind that I have seen. I think I need them and it's important that I have them.

This is probably the last 'new to me' film of the year that I will see and man, did I make it a good one.
I picked up on it thanks to Verbal Vomit's 'How to Be A Hipster' post. I figured that, apart from Garden State and Donnie Darko, that I liked all the other films mentioned so I may as well give this one a go too. URGH, it's too perfect, I've already downloaded the soundtrack and am keeping some serious tabs on Glen Hansard. Who knows? Maybe I am a hipster... #fangirlend

I think I'll round up this post with a final Verbal Vomit related recommendation. 'The Internet Owns Me' is v. relatable both to how I feel after using the Internet for extended periods of time and in relation to my 13-14 year old self, who totally 'had a website' which is definitely probably still discoverable in the deepest, darkest depths of the internet, not to mention the Myspace days; guess who always unnecessarily had the best one? Yep.
If you're willing to check out the above post you should definitely look at the rest of her blog, it's awesome and she posts some of the best links to things through the medium of her neat drawings. Run by Hannah Hillam, an American illustrator, it's probably one of my favourite illustration/lifestyley blogs at the moment.
Verbal Vomit.

Well, I suppose that's it. Finito, done and dusted.
Tomorrow I think Moon is making Mexican food and I'm going to be forced into watching Black Dynamite, something I probably wouldn't have any scruples about if it hadn't be quoted to death at me despite the fact I have never seen it. #goodjob
If I'm not going out, just as long as I get to watch the fireworks, I don't mind.

I hope that you have a very happy new year, and would like to thank you very much for reading.

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